Featured NWCA Announces 2018 Convention Kickoff Keynote Speaker and Grand Prize
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Former University of Rhode Island wrestler, successful business leader, and Wrestlers in Business Network Princeton Chapter Co-Founder, Joseph M. Savino will be the kickoff keynote speaker at the NWCA Convention.

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Don't miss the 2018 NWCA Convention held in Daytona Beach, Florida from August 3rd - 5th!

Featured Penn Wrestling Receives $1 Million Gift From Josh Harris W’86
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The University of Pennsylvania announced today that it has received a $1 million gift from the Harris Family Charitable Foundation to support the wrestling program's growth and development.

Featured Why Continued Education is Mandatory for Coaches in Today’s Climate
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As programs are beginning to expand once again, and exponentially in the women’s sector, there is a shortage of wrestling coaches available for these opportunities.

Featured States Continue to Sanction Girls' Wrestling
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The number of girls wrestling programs with sanctioned state championships in the US stands at 12 states, 6 of them coming in 2018 alone.

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Featured Growing Wrestling
Growing Wrestling

The NWCA is committed to growing wrestling at all levels of the sport but with a primary emphasis in the educational environment. The NWCA is proud to have been an integral part of seeing over 150 new college programs added since 2001.