2019 NWCA Mat Mayhem to air on Fox College Sports (FCS)

Manheim, PA – College wrestling fans will get their first chance to watch the 2019 NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals presented by the United States Marine Corps and Defense Soap on national television when it airs on FCS Central, Tuesday, January 29 at 12:00 pm ET. Special thanks to Barbarian Apparel, NUWAY, and Wrestlers in Business with Arno Niemand for serving as the television partners to make each of these telecasts possible.

This year’s event took place inside Freedom and Exhibition Halls on the grounds of the expansive Kentucky Expo Centre in Louisville, KY.  This years’ event featured 84 collegiate programs competing in 5 divisions (NCAA DII, NCAA DIII, NAIA, NJCAA, & WOMENS).

Host for this year’s event NUWAY Wrestling added even more excitement to the national duals by hosting a collegiate open on Friday, and also youth events on both Friday and Saturday.  Each of these took place inside Exhibition Hall. 

Additional airings of the Multi-Divisional National Duals will run throughout late January and early December.  You can find the dates and times for your area are listed below. 

DayAir DateStart Time (ET)NetworkEpisodeDebut/Repeat
Tuesday29-Jan12:00 PMCentralDivision III ChampionshipD
Tuesday29-Jan2:00 PMPacificDivision III ChampionshipR
Wednesday30-Jan4:00 AMAtlanticDivision III ChampionshipR
Thursday31-Jan2:00 PMPacificDivision III ChampionshipR
Friday1-Feb2:00 PMPacificDivision III ChampionshipR
Tuesday5-Feb10:00 AMCentralDivision III ChampionshipR
Tuesday5-Feb12:00 PMCentralNAIA ChampionshipD
Tuesday5-Feb2:00 PMPacificNAIA ChampionshipR
Wednesday6-Feb12:00 AMAtlanticNAIA ChampionshipR
Wednesday6-Feb4:00 AMCentralNAIA ChampionshipR
Friday8-Feb8:00 AMPacificDivision III ChampionshipR
Friday8-Feb10:00 AMPacificNAIA ChampionshipR
Tuesday12-Feb12:00 PMCentralDivision II ChampionshipD
Tuesday12-Feb2:00 PMCentralNAIA ChampionshipR
Tuesday12-Feb2:00 PMPacificNAIA ChampionshipR
Tuesday12-Feb4:00 PMAtlanticDivision II ChampionshipR
Tuesday12-Feb4:00 PMCentralDivision III ChampionshipR
Tuesday12-Feb4:00 PMPacificNAIA ChampionshipR
Tuesday12-Feb6:00 PMPacificDivision III ChampionshipR
Wednesday13-Feb2:00 AMCentralDivision II ChampionshipR
Saturday16-Feb8:00 AMPacificDivision II ChampionshipR
Saturday16-Feb10:00 AMPacificNAIA ChampionshipR
Saturday16-Feb12:00 PMPacificDivision III ChampionshipR
Tuesday19-Feb6:00 PMCentralNJCAA ChampionshipD
Tuesday19-Feb10:00 PMPacificNJCAA ChampionshipR
Wednesday20-Feb12:00 AMPacificDivision II ChampionshipR
Wednesday20-Feb2:00 AMPacificNAIA ChampionshipR
Wednesday20-Feb4:00 AMAtlanticNJCAA ChampionshipR
Wednesday20-Feb4:00 AMPacificDivision III ChampionshipR
Wednesday20-Feb6:00 AMAtlanticDivision II ChampionshipR
Wednesday20-Feb8:00 AMAtlanticNAIA ChampionshipR
Wednesday20-Feb10:00 AMAtlanticDivision III ChampionshipR
Thursday21-Feb10:00 AMCentralDivision III ChampionshipR
Thursday21-Feb12:00 PMCentralNAIA ChampionshipR
Thursday21-Feb2:00 PMCentralDivision II ChampionshipR
Thursday21-Feb4:00 PMCentralNJCAA ChampionshipR
Tuesday26-Feb4:00 PMCentralWomen’s ChampionshipD
Wednesday27-Feb12:00 PMAtlanticWomen’s ChampionshipR
Wednesday27-Feb2:00 PMCentralWomen’s ChampionshipR
Thursday28-Feb4:00 AMPacificWomen’s ChampionshipR
Thursday28-Feb6:00 AMPacificNJCAA ChampionshipR
Thursday28-Feb8:00 AMPacificDivision II ChampionshipR
Thursday28-Feb10:00 AMPacificNAIA ChampionshipR
Thursday28-Feb12:00 PMPacificDivision III ChampionshipR




2019 Finals Matchups
NCAA Division II – Notre Dame (OH)  v St. Cloud St. (MN)
NCAA Division III – Augsburg (MN) v Johnson & Wales (RI)
NAIA – Grand View (IA) v Life (GA)
NJCAA – Northeastern Oklahoma A&M v Northwest Tech (KS)
WOMEN – King (TN) v McKendree (IL)

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