5 Tips to Build Your Program’s Brand Effectively

5 Tips to Build Your Program’s Brand Effectively

by Coyte Cooper, Ph.D.

During the past five years, we have made tremendous strides in growing our sport at all levels. This is in large part because of the investments that coaches have made in branding initiatives for their programs. While this is an awesome thing, it is time to find the next level so the sport can reach full potential in the future.

This video blog entry is designed to help provide you with 5 steps you can take to enhance your branding efforts moving forward. These are a combination of philosophies and approaches you can implement to really build energy and excitement around your program.

My hope is that the concepts in the video help you to elevate your efforts during the upcoming season. I look forward to working with you to #GrowWrestling this year!

Coyte Cooper, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Sport Administration
University of North Carolina
Author ofImpressions: The Power of Personal Branding in Living an Extraordinary Life
Twitter: @coytecooper

“Success is the masterful application of the fundamentals on a daily basis”
(Robin Sharma)

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