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"S"STROBEL: Stories From A Life With Wrestling"

 "S"About the book: STROBEL: Stories From A Life With Wrestling" by Jamie Moffatt is a 175 page hard-cover book that offers the reader compelling stories and photos from the life of a remarkable man who was:  a two-time NCAA wrestling champion and high school coach in Oregon; an innovative leader during the early years (1983-1991) at USA Wrestling; a peacemaker and head coach at the Foxcatcher Wrestling Club;  a passionate coach of the USA Olympic wrestling team and at Lehigh University.

 Release date:  November 2009        

Where to purchase/website:  Directly from the author at emoffatt@aol.com


 "Wrestlers At The Trials"   

About the Book: "Wrestlers At The Trials" is a powerful collection of stories about 90 remarkable young men - in their own words as told to author Jamie Moffatt. These 90 wrestlers, from the 1960s, '70s and '80s had a common goal... to make the US Olympic wrestling team. Their heartfelt stories reveal their ordeals - from fighting backroom politics and racial prejudices to surviving weight-cutting countdowns and physical training beyond - way beyond - normal boundaries. Here are their stories of glorious achievements and punishing defeats. The stories of their Trials...

Release date: October  2007      

Where to purchase/website: Directly from the author at emoffatt@aol.com



"Bobby Douglas: Life and Legacy of an American Wrestling Legend"

About the Book: Bobby Douglas overcame enormous obstacles to become a legendary figure in the sport of wrestling.

He grew up as a poor, young black kid living with his grandparents in a coal-mining community in eastern Ohio. The pressures he dealt with in what looked like a hopeless situation are hard for many people to fathom.

He was a trailblazer for black athletes and coaches in the sport of wrestling.

The best wrestlers in United States history – Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, Dave Schultz, John Smith, Kevin Jackson, Bruce Baumgartner, Kenny Monday and Zeke Jones – were positively impacted by his coaching and guidance. He has impacted countless others with the technique books he has authored.

You will learn about how he built the program at Arizona State, and how he led the Sun Devils to the only NCAA team title by a school west of the Rocky Mountains. You also will see how he recruited and coached Sanderson to the greatest career in NCAA history. You also will learn how he kept Sanderson on track to win an Olympic gold medal.

The story of Bobby Douglas truly is an American success story.

Book Order link: http://www.bobbydouglasbook.com/store/

Book Website Link: http://www.bobbydouglasbook.com/

Release Date: Book will be released March 2011, but people may pre-order their copy now via the ordering link above  


 "Adam Frey: A Collection of Blogs and Stories"

 About the Book:  Adam Frey: A Collection of Blogs and Stories contains first-hand stories from the life of Adam Frey, a gifted college student and a skilled wrestler at Cornell University, as told by his family, coaches, teammates and many friends. The well-illustrated book, written by fellow Cornellian Jamie Moffatt, also contains numerous blogs written by Adam during his inspirational 21 month fight against cancer.

      As he embarked upon his treatments, Adam began writing a remarkable blog that became a daily inspiration for thousands and won him fans around the world. He wanted to publicly share his experiences as a young cancer patient via the internet.

      His blogs eloquently reveal Adam’s faith, humor and spirit and are the core of this book. This is Adam’s story -- intertwined with numerous first-hand tales from his life as told by some of those closest to him. For more information on the book, please visit http://www.adamfreybook.com

       Release date: November 2010

Where to purchase/website: www.adamfreybook.com or from the author - emoffatt@aol.com




“The Dream Team of 1947”

About the Book: Every once in a while something happens in the world of sports that reminds us all why we care about such things.

This book is the remarkable, untold story of the greatest team you’ve never heard of, the wrestling team of Cornell College, a private Methodist liberal arts college with only 415 male students, which won the NCAA wrestling championship in 1947, defeating all the major powers by a substantial margin.This tiny Iowa college thus became the first school outside of the state of Oklahoma ever to win the team championship since teams were officially recognized by the NCAA; no other private school before or since has done so. Not only that, but with the help of the town of Mount Vernon, and a fund-raising drive, the champions traveled to San Francisco and won the equally prestigious National AAU championship two weeks later, thus completing the “grand slam” of amateur wrestling.

The story is informed by the Great Depression and World War II, as well as the GI Bill, which leveled the playing field for several years after the war. It involves a coach direct from central casting, a nurturing small college, three freshmen superstars from the same Iowa high school, and five service veterans, all of whom bonded as a team to defeat all comers.

Were it not for a serious car crash the following year that injured two of its stars, there is no telling how much more the team might have achieved. The Dream Team of 1947 is a classic David and Goliath story that transcends the sport.

Released: December 2010

Website to Purchase:   http://www.amazon.com/