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NWCA Live Scoring System powered by Trackwrestling

What is the NWCA Live Scoring System powered by Trackwrestling?

The NWCA Live Scoring System powered by Trackwrestling is an event management system fully integrated with the NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator (OPC).  Available through the OPC, schools have access to live score every match and report results instantly into the OPC's results portal.  Record takedowns, escapes, reversals, near falls, and so much more with the click of a button.

What types of devices can I use the scoring system on?

The scoring system can be used on just about any device that has an internet browser.  It can be used on smartphones (Androids, iPhones), Tablets (iPads), Windows PCs, and Macintosh OS Computers.

***Note: certain devices perform better than others and may be more ideal to use (i.e. screen size of a laptop will be better than the screen size of a smartphone)

How much does it cost?

Optimal Performance Calculator (OPC) users can use the integrated live scoring tool FREE.  If you want to create, edit, and save customized statistical reports, then the NWCA Stats Package powered by Trackwrestling can be purchased at a yearly fee of $50.

Can I use it OFFLINE as well as ONLINE?

Yes, the scoring system will have an offline version that will be available on MAC, PC, IOS, and Android operating systems.

Tournament Pricing:

    ***Ask about specials on state high school wrestling championships!

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    Screenshots: Scoring Tool, Tournament Dashboard, Stat Reports.


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