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Welcome to the NWCA Optimal Performance CalculatorTM (OPC).

Please note that our menu options have changed recently so be sure to read carefully to select the proper menu option. 

To select the correct option, please read the following:     

Collegiate Wrestling Edition -  All college head coaches should select this link to complete their team's  weight
certification assessment.  The head coach's NWCA card number is no longer your password into the program (CAJC will
still use their card number). . You should have received a permanent school access code from the NWCA. Be sure to enter
this code as both your “card #” and your password” when initially entering the OPC. Your NWCA membership card number
will be required to secure all other NWCA benefits (except access to the OPC). Student-athletes on the collegiate level should
also enter here to view their assessments and build their customized diet.

Scholastic Wrestling Edition - All other NWCA membership types (Scholastic Coach,
Fan/Parent, Allied Group, Assistant College Coach, Honorary and Referee) will click on the Scholastic Wrestling Edition
link to access the  NWCA Optimal Performance CalculatorTM. The user will use his/her card number as the initial login and

Schools with state mandated wrestling weight certification programs must access the NWCA Optimal Performance
CalculatorTM through the scholastic wrestling edition link.  Each coach must enter his NWCA generated “school access code”
(no longer your NWCA card #) into the OPC login screen to access the assessment data of your team.

Coaches in state mandated programs have “viewer access only” to the assessment data of their respective teams.  They are
prohibited from entering/manipulating assessment data due to compliance requirements.  Coaches can also enter their dual
meet and tournament results with your access codes. The NWCA will assign unique access codes to the assessors who can
then enter data into the OPC.

All other NWCA members (other then head high school wrestling coaches), regardless of whether your state mandates a wrestling weight certification program, have unrestricted access to the OPC. 

If you do not have an active membership, you can purchase one through any of the following convenient methods:

  1. Visit www.nwcaonline.com and join online.
  2. Call the NWCA office at 717-653-8009 and join with a master card or visa credit card.

Questions:  Please feel free to call the NWCA office at 717-653-8009 or e-mail us at ptocci@nwca.cc with any questions you may have.