Alderson Broaddus Announces the Addition of Women’s Wrestling

Courtesy of Alderson Broaddus Athletics

PHILIPPI, W.Va. — Alderson Broaddus University Athletic Director Dennis Creehan announced the addition of women’s wrestling to the University’s varsity athletic programs effective for the 2019-20 academic year.

“Alderson Broaddus University wants to continue to be responsive to changes in the athletic landscape,” said Creehan. “We want to be on the forefront of this rapidly growing sport and are excited to begin women’s wrestling.”

Head wrestling coach Sam Gardner will begin recruiting immediately for a team to compete in an abbreviated schedule in 2019-20 and then a full schedule in 2020-21.

“The plan currently is to recruit enough women to wrestle an abbreviated schedule next year, focusing on the individual development of the student-athletes and getting them competing for spots on different age group teams,” said Gardner. “The second year we’ll have had two recruiting classes and ideally have recruited enough depth to hit the ground running in 2020-21.”

There are currently 38 schools offering women’s wrestling. Women’s wrestling is freestyle wrestling and there are 10 weight classes.

“I think that adding another women’s program will help strengthen and grow wrestling as a whole,” Gardner said. “The sport’s growing at the small school level, and I felt the time was right to propose that we adopt women’s wrestling now rather than later. We want to be early adopters of women’s wrestling and be on the ground floor of this trend. I believe this will help set AB up to be one of the premier locations for wrestling in the state and hopefully nationally in years to come.”


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