Best of Brand Awards

The Best of Brand Awards are designed to reward programs for their investments made in marketing initiatives. There are a total of seven awards for programs participating in the Collegiate Division, while high school and club programs will compete in the Open Division for three different awards. Information on the two divisions and their awards is available below.

Collegiate Division Individual & Annual Achievement Awards

Individual Achievement Awards

There are four different categories for programs to compete in for these Best in Brand awards. In addition to having a committee assess these submissions, the finalists in theses categories will compete in a Battle Round, bracket style competition where each day they will be pitted against other programs in a voting competition. Voting totals and campaign initiatives are taken into account when a final winner is chosen.

Annual Achievement Awards

There are three different awards which recognize programs which have made a yearlong commitment to marketing initiatives. These awards represent the highest honor in the Best of Brand awards. The Annual Achievement categories are currently closed, but you can register for the Individual Achievement categories until April 14, 2017. Learn more about the categories in the next section below.

Pure Entertainment

Rewards programs for creating videos that entertain their followers through the use of humor and/or insider perspectives.

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Better Than Good Graphics Award

Recognizes programs who developed an outstanding themed graphic to promote their program during the season.

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The Highlight Reel Award

Rewards programs which create the best highlight video to promote their product.

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The Masterful Mission Award

For the program that best brands their mission via social network sites.

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Breakthrough Performer

For the program that storms onto the social networking scene and builds their program’s brand the right way.

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The Gold Standard Award

For the program that best embraces innovative marketing strategies in college wrestling.

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High school and club wrestling programs have the opportunity to compete in three categories in the Best of Brand Awards Open National Division. If your state is a part of the awards, please select Open State Divisions Tab above to find the awards that are offered by your state. If your state is not apart of the awards, you can enter any of these national awards below:

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