Best of Brand Power Rankings: Drastic Shifts Show Strength in HS Field!

Tyler Fridley- ELSM Intern

As the School year quickly flies by, teams look to find their place in this month’s power rankings.  With a total of 34 teams receiving votes to be in the top 20 shows just how competitive this competition is becoming!

Claiming first place in the power rankings for the second straight month is Jeffersonville (IN).  They are continuing to impress with their creative videos and post, and their activity on #bestofbrandthrowdown’s have been top of the line, placing second in both of the competitions.  Climbing their way back into the top 5 is Kearney (NE), they are similar to Jeffersonville and have been very active in the #bestofbrandthrowdown’s placing in both of the competitions this past month. They have also done a great job on social media content.

Rounding out the top 5 are Legends of Gold (SD) who remains third for the second straight month, and two newcomers in the top 5, Lexington (SC), and Kearney (MO).  Lexington climbs five spots from last power rankings while showing tremendous presence on social media with over 1,900 votes on the last throwdown.  Kearney (MO) is making their debut in the top 20 at number five.  They have been extremely active on all social media platforms.


Coming in 6 through 10 is Sibley-Ocheyedan (IA), Burlington (MA), Frankfort (IN), Aurora (NE), and Beloit (KS).  All five of these teams can make their statement to be in the top 5 and have been ranked in the top 10 for the second straight month!  We welcome two newcomers to this power rankings Cypress Lake (FL), Hood River Valley (OR), both of these schools have been showing improvement in every aspect of this competition.  

Each and every program in the top 20 are standing out in their own unique way, but they are not safe as the competition continues to push forward.  Each month we have had new teams in the top 5 showing that multiple teams are capable of taking over for next power rankings.  The goal of this competition is to grow the sport of wrestling while making a presence on social media, as the power rankings each month reflect the top programs doing this, every program is making their footprint for this great sport.   We look forward to having more competitions in the coming months to give every program an opportunity to make their case for the top 20!  Don’t forget that these power rankings are not the only competition for this awards program. Submit a graphic or video to this link HS Submission Link (for Graphic and Video) to be considered for this part of this section of the awards.  

Last month we had great success and participation with the #bestofbrandthrowdown’s so we will continue to have these competitions, this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and to make a claim to be in the power rankings!  

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