Calling all female wrestlers: let’s celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day on Wednesday, Feb. 7


This photo of the Hood River Valley High School girls wrestling team from Oregon was posted this year on Twitter using the hashtag #GirlsWrestle

This Wednesday, February 7, 2018, is the 32nd annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day, a national movement to celebrate the extraordinary achievements in girls’ and women’s sports and the positive influence athletic participation brings to their lives.

A coalition of wrestling organizations, including USA Wrestling, the National Wrestling Coaches Association, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, the non-profit Wrestle Like A Girl, the U.S. Wrestling Foundation and many other groups are reaching out to girls and women in wrestling to come together and celebrate women’s wrestling on Wednesday.

Starting tomorrow and going throughout the weekend, we are asking girls and women in wrestling (as well as their families and teams) to be very active on social media, posting photos and videos of girls wrestling online with the following two hashtags:


These images on social media can include pictures of individual female athletes competing in wrestling, teams and clubs of women wrestlers posing together, girls and women practicing the sport of wrestling, and other appropriate photos and videos which will show off the sport of women’s wrestling to the world.

Each year, USA Wrestling picks a theme for its feature story on which is posted on National Girls and Women in Sports Day. This year, USA Wrestling’s theme will be girls high school wrestling.

On Wednesday, there will be a feature story on the history and growth of wrestling opportunities for girls in high school. As part of this, USA Wrestling will specifically ask high school girl wrestlers and high school girls wrestling teams to post photos and videos.

In addition, we are asking anybody who is hosting a girls wrestling competition this week, including both tournaments and dual meets, to register their event as a National Girls and Women in Sports Day event and to be active on social media about the event using the hashtags above.

Click here to register your girls wrestling event with NGWSD

Anybody who is interested in National Girls and Women in Sports Day can get more information on this program by visiting the official website. There are many resources available on the website which can help you.

Click here for NGWSD website

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