Featured Best of Brand Champion: Jeffersonville (Ind.) Capitalize on Awards After a Strong Season

Tyler Fridley- ELSM Intern

The Best of Brand Open Division Awards was extremely competitive throughout the entire season.  Having multiple programs battle for the top spot.  Jeffersonville (Ind.) was able to stand out the entire season by securing a place in the top three starting in the first power rankings coming in at number three, then moving up to number one in the second rankings and never looking back the rest of the season. They did this by the way they marketed themselves on all three social media sites, gaining over 250 followers on Twitter,  as well as winning multiple #BestofBrandThrowdown’s.

Their success carried on when it was time to name the Award winners in the categories of Gold Standard, Added Value Video, and Better than Good Graphic.  In the state of Indiana, they were able to sweep all three categories. While in the nation they won Gold Standard and came in second for Added Value Video. The voting for these awards consisted of the panel on the Best of Brand team as well as fan voting online.  Jeffersonville’s fans helped push them over the top in the battleground stages with a number of votes they received in each round.

When asking Head Coach Danny Stuck on how he was able to create a successful brand he said, “With wrestling being more of a secondary sport to the majority, we try to do as much as we can to promote our program and get our brand out in different and unique ways that help us break through the clutter on social media.  My staff has been incredible with editing graphics and creating videos that make our athletes proud to share with their families and classmates”. He continued by saying, “Wrestling is about the betterment of young men and women lives, and awards like Best of Brand allows us to share what wrestling and specifically Jeffersonville Wrestling can do for our kids and our community.”

The Best of Brand Awards are designed to reward programs for their investments made in marketing initiatives.  Jeffersonville has been taking part in Best of Brand since 2015 and has seen their brand grow while also winning awards in this process.  As a new wrestling season is quickly approaching us we look to take Best of Brand to the next level and making it the largest year yet expanding from a total of 187 High School and club programs across the United States last year.  For more information about Best of Brand visit: http://www.nwcaonline.com/awards/best-of-brand-awards/.

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