Former NWCA President and Coach Rande Stottlemyer Passes Away


Rande Stottlemyer, Pitt Wrestling great and Head Coach of 34 years passed away Sunday morning at the age of 62. Stottlemyer was President of the NWCA from 1997-1999 and President-Elect from 1994-1996.

While his cause of death is still unknown, Rande had been battling with one of the worst diseases known to man, Alzheimer’s. It is extremely sad to watch someone’s memory and personality slowly disappear from the world with this most awful pathology, but even while he was still alive, “Stotty” was always remembered in the most positive of lights.

One of Rande’s most successful athletes and his last National Champion is current Head Coach Keith Gavin. Gavin reflected on his mentor: “Rande was a special person. I’m grateful to have had him as a coach. His influence and guidance is something that I learned to appreciate more and more as I matured.”

Pat Santoro, two-time NCAA Champion and Pitt’s only four-time All-American is Lehigh’s Head Coach. He had nothing but heartfelt and warm memories of his coach and mentor.
“The way he treated everyone, starter or non-starter, he treated everyone the same, he cared about everybody, he wanted to make sure everybody that went to Pitt had a great experience and was prepared when they left Pitt. … It seems like every Pitt wrestler that wrestled for him had a special connection. He kind of brought them all together and a lot of generations of wrestling know each other just because of him.”
Santoro stressed that Rande’s impact stretched far beyond wrestling. “He’s meant so much to my life and my family. His motto of “never ever quit” and to carry that with everything you do. He’s had such an impact on our lives, it’s deeper than coaching. He was a friend, he was a mentor. The day I met him I knew I wanted to wrestle for him.”
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