Importance of Recovery (Youth)

Importance of Recovery (Youth)

by Dennis A. Johnson, EdD

Recovery may not be a huge issue with the youth wrestlers provided they have participated in a program that was designed with age-appropriate principles in mind. Hopefully, practices have been scheduled for a short duration and meeting only two to three times a week. That is, a qualified coach has designed practices with a games approach and the children have competed in a limited number of competitions based on individual abilities.

I have mentioned previously that children in the U-12 age groups should be encouraged to sport sample. Wrestle for a few weeks, and then try gymnastics, swimming, soccer and/or other sports. Sport sampling in and of itself with serve as a form of recovery. Children typically will not suffer from overuse injuries, or burnout if this is the case.

However, for the youth wrestlers in the 12 and under age brackets that have been training seven days a week for two to three months and have they been sitting in a gym competing in tournaments every weekend, they may have some problems going forward. If they have been following such a regime, they are or will soon be in need of serious recovery and/or they will be ready to quit the sport in the years to come. Once children in these types of programs are old enough to compete in high school, there is a possibility that their name will read “FORFEIT” in the box score.

Check out the Check out the NWCA Youth Coaching Manual for more helpful hints on how to keep youth wrestler’s engaged and motivated through proper recovery.

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Dennis A. Johnson, EdD

Associate Professor-Jamestown Community College (SUNY)
Former Wrestling Coach & Author of Wrestling Drills for the Mat and Mind

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