June 19-20 – Traveling and Festivities

After leaving Bachatski on Saturday, the guys took part in an Islamic festival in Trudoarmski.  The team was introduced as part of the opening ceremonies followed by a wrestling demonstration at the festival.  They were having a wrestling style competition but they would not let our guys compete.  First prize was a goat; not sure what we would have done with it.  The guys spent much of the time taking pictures with the residents and then the team then traveled three hours to Osinski.

The team is staying at the training facility where the conditions are not ideal for sleeping.  The hosts didn’t know we were coming until we showed up.  Despite the unexpectedness, they have been great hosts.  The team ate at their first Russian restaurant for dinner and breakfast after a morning training session which featured a game of rugby basketball.  This afternoon they are heading to the river to swim and water ski and tonight there will be a second practice. The trip has been a great cultural experience but disappointing in the number of quality training partners.  Check out the updated pictures!

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