June 25 – Rec Ball

Today was our last full day in Berdsk.  I think everyone is ready to get home. With no more training sessions, everyone was able to relax this morning.

The afternoon was a game of rec ball in a gym.  It’s probably best described as a cross between wrestling, rugby, and basketball.  It’s a physical game played on a basketball court and you wear a singlet and wrestling shoes.  The game featured a pretty good size crowd.  We lost the game but played well despite lack of experience.

Tonight was spent with a dip in the lake and sitting in the sauna. Sitting in the sauna is a Russian tradition.

Tomorrow we start our journey home.  We fly from Novisibirsk to Moscow.  We will spend the night in Moscow before flying home on Sunday.

We hope to able to visit Red Square and the Kremlin tomorrow night.  See you soon!

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