Legends of Gold Olympic Development Academy

USA Wrestling has endorsed Legends of Gold (“LOG”) to open a Prep School (Olympic Development Academy) located in Beresford, South Dakota to promote the International/Olympic styles of wrestling for student-athletes in grades 7-12.  LOG ODA will develop wrestling abilities on the international levels while promoting education at local high schools and regional colleges. All student-athletes will be mentored by prominent coaches and educational leaders.

LOG ODA facilities are located at 47256 297th Street in Beresford, South Dakota. The team from Sanford POWER and The Sanford Sports Science Institute (SSSI) will offer the unique opportunity to develop a customized program specifically for the wrestling athletes being trained and tested. The athletes training cycle will be developed in line with the Olympic and National training regimen and will have access to Olympic and National training facilities to enhance their ability to develop in the international styles at an accelerated rate. This will include monthly visits from US National Team Coaches, staff and/or athletes.

LOG ODA plans to accommodate a minimum of 8 Greco-Roman student-athletes in 2017, an additional 8 male Freestyle student-athletes in 2018 and an additional 8 female Freestyle student-athletes at their facility in 2019. LOG ODA will provide a wide array of mentors, diversity in their coaching staff and an active outreach to minority communities throughout the United States.

Student-athletes will live on campus, attend local high schools and participate in a mentorship program with prominent educators to promote their success in college. The student-athletes will be trained by the Nation’s top coaches in Freestyle/Greco-Roman wrestling both on campus and at other Olympic Training Facilities throughout the country with an emphasis on the following:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Entrepreneurial Life Skills Program;
  • Financial Responsibility;
  • Mental and Emotional Skills Training;
  • Conditioning, Nutrition, and Athletic Training Services;
  • International travel opportunities;
  • Time Management; and
  • Greco/Freestyle wrestling skills.

USA Wrestling’s endorsement and support will strengthen the efforts of Legends of Gold ODA in preparing student-athletes in grades 7-12 for the next level of wrestling competition while promoting essential life skills.

The recruiting process will begin immediately and will take into consideration the following:

  • National Coach recommendations
  • International experience
  • Fargo place winners
  • Referrals and selection by LOG Olympic ODA staff and committee

Information will be updated via the Legends of Gold web page (legendsofgold.net) as well as various Social Media pages to be launched soon.

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