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NWCA Division I National Duals

February 17 - 20, 2017 Non-Big Ten Schools TBA

The champions of each of the  Non-BigTen Division I Conferences (Pac-12 will not participate) will host a top ranked BigTen Opponent. The committee has the ability to add up to two wild card teams if necessary. In addition, the EIWA will be split between the Patriot and Ivy League conference.

This format was developed in 2015, through a series of conference calls among our top Division I wrestling coaches for the purpose of making further modifications to the Division I National Duals format so that the following “guiding principles” could be achieved:

The guiding principles of the Bowl Championship Series are as follows:

  • Place more importance on dual meets (conference dual meets in particular) in an effort to grow our fan and media base.
  • Minimize the amount of competition toward the end of the season (the Bowl Series concept results in all participating teams having one dual meet on the Feb. 20 weekend).
  • Create another signature event to elevate wrestling’s relevance.
  • Secure “live” national broadcasts and webcasts whenever possible.
  • Generate revenue that can be used to strengthen wrestling at each institution and nationally.
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Upcoming Events:

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