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Welcome to the Scorebook for NAIA Championships

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Select Round Wt Class Name School Opponent Name Opponent School Result WinType Score In Progress
View Champ Finals 125 Dante Rini Notre Dame (Ohio) Johnny Papesh Campbellsville (Ky.) test DEC 5 - 3 No
View Champ Finals 133 Matt Katusin Midland (Neb.) Wade Lowe McKendree (Ill.) test DEC 2 - 5 No
View Champ Finals 141 Edward McCray Midland (Neb.) Anthony Varnell Great Falls (Mont.) test DEC 3 - 5 No
View Champ Finals 149 Ashtin Primus Notre Dame (Ohio) Matt Burns Grand View (Iowa) test DEC 3 - 5 No
View Champ Finals 157 Thomas Straughn Notre Dame (Ohio) Corey Bleaken Cumberland (Tenn.) test TB 3 - 4 No
View Champ Finals 165 Noah Hatton Great Falls (Mont.) Ross Mosher Great Falls (Mont.) test DEC 2 - 4 No
View Champ Finals 174 Chris Chionuma Lindenwood (Mo.) Glenn Rhees Grand View (Iowa) test DEC 3 - 2 No
View Champ Finals 184 Michael French Great Falls (Mont.) Evan Hinebauch Montana State-Northern test SV-2 3 - 5 No
View Champ Finals 197 Derek Foore Notre Dame (Ohio) Andrew Sanchez McKendree (Ill.) test DEC 1 - 2 No
View Champ Finals 285 Orlando Scales Notre Dame (Ohio) Leviticus Roberson Midland (Neb.) test DEC 3 - 2 No
View Third Place 125 Brandon Benvenuti Lindenwood (Mo.) Justin Forrest Lindenwood (Mo.) test MD 0 - 11 No
View Third Place 133 Rashad Riley McKendree University Tim Thurston Campbellsville (Ky.) test DEC 7 - 8 No
View Third Place 141 Kyle Wirkuty Southern Oregon Tommy Pretty Campbellsville (Ky.) test DEC 4 - 5 No
View Third Place 149 Jeffrey Pelton Notre Dame (Ohio) Ryan Jahn McKendree (Ill.) test DEC 3 - 1 No
View Third Place 157 Tyler Chang Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) Vince Hannon Lindenwood (Mo.) test DEC 3 - 0 No
View Third Place 165 Kevin Hardy Notre Dame (Ohio) Clayton Macfarlane Lindenwood (Mo.) test DEC 10 - 6 No
View Third Place 174 Jon Bittenger Notre Dame (Ohio) Austin Vanderford Southern Oregon test DEC 5 - 1 No
View Third Place 184 Steven Urquizo Dickinson State (N.D.) Kyle Reid McKendree (Ill.) test Mfor No
View Third Place 197 Deron Winn Lindenwood (Mo.) Charlie Gibbs Missouri Valley test DEC 7 - 3 No
View Third Place 285 Travis Ewart Missouri Valley Levi Calhoun Baker (Kan.) test FALL 6:22 No
View Fifth Place 125 Larone Madison Cumberlands (Ky.) Sean Blumhardt Jamestown (N.D.) test DEC 4 - 6 No
View Fifth Place 133 Alfonso Valles Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) Travis Evans Grand View (Iowa) test DEC 2 - 1 No
View Fifth Place 141 Myles Mazurkiewicz Great Falls (Mont.) Drew Smith Morningside (Iowa) test DEC 8 - 2 No
View Fifth Place 149 Shay Shive Missouri Valley Eric Burgey William Penn (Iowa) test DEC 5 - 11 No
View Fifth Place 157 Tommie Norton/Hooper Southern Oregon Kyle Conley Midland (Neb.) test FALL (:22) No
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