If you are a high school assessor (in a state that requires the use of the OPC) and want to log onto the OPC, please follow the instructions in this section:

Please note: You must be approved by your state office to be an assessor in a state mandated program. Either your state office or the NWCA will generate and disseminate your unique OPC “User Name” and “Password” (handled differently in each state). To protect the integrity of the state mandated program, only the assessor may enter or manipulate assessment data by entering with your unique access codes. The coach, using his unique OPC “User name,” can view the assessment data of his team and/or can enter competition/weigh-in data.

To enter the OPC, please do the following:

  • Click on the “log on” button on the toolbar
  • Enter your unique “LoginID” in the designated field.
  • Enter OPC “password” in the password field.
  • Specific instructions for navigating around the site will appear on the toolbar.