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Welcome to the Scorebook for Columbia University - Columbia - 3   Virginia - 30   (11/27/2010)

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Select Wt Class Name School Opponent Name Opponent School Result WinType Score Tourney Place In Progress
View 125 Penn Gottfried Columbia Snyder, Matthew Virginia L DEC 4 - 7 No
View 133 Kyle Gilchrist Columbia Spisak, Joseph Virginia W DEC 3 - 0 No
View 141 Josh Houldsworth Columbia Sako, Augustus Virginia L DEC 3 - 9 No
View 149 Steve Santos Columbia Valenti, Derek Virginia L DEC 0 - 2 No
View 157 Jake O'Hara Columbia Harris, Shawn Virginia L SV 4 - 6 No
View 165 Eren Civan Columbia Miller, Charles Virginia L DEC 4 - 5 No
View 174 Stephen West Columbia Henrich, Christopher Virginia L MD 3 - 15 No
View 184 Nicholas Mills Columbia Fausey, Jonathan Virginia L DEC 2 - 5 No
View 197 MIke Pushpack Columbia Salopek, Michael Virginia L MD 0 - 11 No
View 285 Kevin Lester Columbia Danilkowicz, John Virginia L MD 6 - 14 No
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