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Welcome to the Scorebook for CHESTNUT RIDGE HS - CHESTNUT RIDGE HS - 16   BEDFORD HS - 59   (12/22/2011)

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Select Wt Class Name School Opponent Name Opponent School Result WinType Score Tourney Place In Progress
View 106 Sam Shank CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Warren, Jake BEDFORD HS L FALL 324 No
View 113 Dustin Ickes CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Easter, Ryan BEDFORD HS L FALL 17 No
View 120 Derrick Claar CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Thomas, Garrett BEDFORD HS L FALL 154 No
View 126 Trent Crouse CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Brett, Toby BEDFORD HS L DEC 10 - 11 No
View 132 Zach Etterman CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Grimes, Caleb BEDFORD HS L MD 0 - 9 No
View 138 Colby Hillegass CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Dudek, Zach BEDFORD HS L FALL 430 No
View 145 Shane Pfaunmiller CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Clark, Devin BEDFORD HS W MD 11 - 2 No
View 152 Kyle Winegardner CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Williams, Tanner BEDFORD HS L FALL 359 No
View 160 Bradie Bollman CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Koontz, Josiah BEDFORD HS L MD 3 - 14 No
View 170 Kavan Holderbaum CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Yingling, Cody BEDFORD HS L FALL 503 No
View 182 Tyler Dibert CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Evans, Dylan BEDFORD HS W FALL 259 No
View 195 Luke Fochtman CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Brett, Mike BEDFORD HS L FALL 416 No
View 220 Dan Albright CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Krupa, Jacob BEDFORD HS L FALL 517 No
View 285 Austin Buttry CHESTNUT RIDGE HS Easter, Justin BEDFORD HS W FALL 229 No
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