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Welcome to the Scorebook for ST. BENEDICT'S PREP - ST. BENEDICT'S PREP - 39   Trinity-Pawling School - 42   (12/10/2011)

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Select Wt Class Name School Opponent Name Opponent School Result WinType Score Tourney Place In Progress
View 106 Isaiah Martin ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Lee, Chia Hao Trinity-Pawling School W DEC 9 - 6 No
View 113 ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Parkus, James Trinity-Pawling School L For No
View 120 Joshua Rivera ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Maddock, Tom Trinity-Pawling School L Def No
View 126 Jyaire Atakora ST. BENEDICT'S PREP DeMaria, Chris Trinity-Pawling School L FALL 1:28 No
View 132 Osmond Lewis ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Palmer, Francis Trinity-Pawling School W FALL 0:17 No
View 138 Michael Freeman ST. BENEDICT'S PREP DeMaria, Matt Trinity-Pawling School L FALL 2:31 No
View 145 Evan Gerbino ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Huber, Ryan Trinity-Pawling School W FALL 0:49 No
View 152 Thomas Martorello ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Lee, Jason Trinity-Pawling School W FALL 1:17 No
View 160 Muqkadeen Poole ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Caporale, Rob Trinity-Pawling School L FALL 1:23 No
View 170 Xavier Pearson ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Ryman, Xander Trinity-Pawling School W FALL 3:00 No
View 182 Evans Akosah ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Bricker, Jed Trinity-Pawling School L FALL 1:11 No
View 195 Evans Saso ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Trinity-Pawling School W For No
View 220 Elijah Feliciano ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Ausperger, Will Trinity-Pawling School W FALL 1:45 No
View 285 David Zola ST. BENEDICT'S PREP Hattar, Chris Trinity-Pawling School L FALL 1:22 No
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