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Welcome to the Scorebook for KENNETT HS - KENNETT HS - 12   River Hill - 60   (1/14/2012)

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Select Wt Class Name School Opponent Name Opponent School Result WinType Score Tourney Place In Progress
View 106 KENNETT HS Beck River Hill L For No
View 113 Aidan Shaw KENNETT HS Mohammed River Hill L FALL 1:13 No
View 120 Bobby Bender KENNETT HS Carter River Hill W DEC 6 - 3 No
View 126 Adan Galarza KENNETT HS Linden River Hill L FALL 1:25 No
View 132 Tristan DiCicco KENNETT HS Harding River Hill W TF 17 - 1 () No
View 138 Jose Flores KENNETT HS Kirby River Hill L DEC 3 - 4 No
View 145 Colton Chew KENNETT HS Geth River Hill W MD 13 - 0 No
View 152 Aaron Hampton KENNETT HS Delor River Hill L FALL 1:45 No
View 160 Tim Smith KENNETT HS Noonan River Hill L FALL 3:34 No
View 170 Jake Rose KENNETT HS Daniels River Hill L FALL 0:38 No
View 182 Erich Werner KENNETT HS Messallan River Hill L FALL 0:57 No
View 195 Brandon Ropp KENNETT HS Kinby River Hill L Mfor No
View 220 Cory Tomasetti KENNETT HS Benedick River Hill L FALL 1:27 No
View 285 Erik Dardine KENNETT HS Johnson River Hill L DEC 0 - 2 No
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