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Welcome to the Scorebook for PALMERTON AREA HS - PALMERTON AREA HS - 24   LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem - 39   (2/16/2012)

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Select Wt Class Name School Opponent Name Opponent School Result WinType Score Tourney Place In Progress
View 106 Daniel Russo PALMERTON AREA HS Ritter, John LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem L TF 0 - 17 () No
View 113 Josh Evans PALMERTON AREA HS Connelly, Michael LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem W DEC 5 - 2 No
View 120 Sam Oberlander PALMERTON AREA HS Gonzalez, Grimaldi LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem L DEC 1 - 6 No
View 126 Dillon Masington PALMERTON AREA HS Fowler, Matt LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem W DEC 4 - 2 No
View 132 PALMERTON AREA HS Lotito, Devon LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem L For No
View 138 Zack Christman PALMERTON AREA HS Kolman, Elijah LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem L FALL 1:15 No
View 145 Joseph Bubble PALMERTON AREA HS Smith, Ardis LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem L MD 2 - 11 No
View 152 Zachary Graver PALMERTON AREA HS Lovell, Malik LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem L DEC 5 - 10 No
View 160 Cody Grohotolski PALMERTON AREA HS Arroyo, Fernando LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem W FALL 3:27 No
View 170 PALMERTON AREA HS Ruiz, Richard LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem L For No
View 182 Jake Christman PALMERTON AREA HS Klingboard, Noah LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem L FALL 3:20 No
View 195 Andrew Strauss PALMERTON AREA HS Miller, Orlando LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem W DEC 6 - 4 No
View 220 Kane Kralik PALMERTON AREA HS Gunning, Jake LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem W DEC 4 - 3 No
View 285 Skyler Rosenberry PALMERTON AREA HS Csaszar, Louis LIBERTY HS-Bethlehem W FALL 5:08 No
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