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The NWCA’s primary mission is to increase the number of wrestlers, coaches, and wrestling teams at all levels.  Since 1999, the NWCA has helped to bring back many of the 65  intercollegiate wrestling teams (all collegiate levels) that have been established across America.  As encouraging as this is, we have a long way to go to bring back the other 474 intercollegiate teams that have been eliminated since 1972.   

Building on this success is dependent on funding.  We need your financial support more than ever.  For your convenience, we have several “donation options” for you to choose from.    Simply choose one of the options listed below:

Please know we pledge to continue to develop sustainable programming revenue to independently underwrite the NWCA’s critical mission.  However, in spite of the great progress we have made, due to budgetary pressure at all levels of education, our sport remains in peril.  With your support, we believe wrestling can do more than just survive.  It can flourish, even in this very challenging economic environment. 

Thanks so much for your consideration of supporting the NWCA and the important work we do.   Together, we will grow scholastic and collegiate wrestling to levels never before thought possible!