NWCA Membership

Dan Gable
"The impact of the NWCA in the last decade has given wrestling a major boost. This needs to continue! By simply joining the NWCA, you will continue to strengthen wrestling."

How Your Membership to the NWCA Serves You

As the coach

  • Best practices to improve recruitment and retention of wrestlers to help solve growing forfeit challenge
  • Maintain the best lineup by providing best practices for reducing injury
  • Help coach create administrative efficiencies so he has more time to spend with wrestlers – online scorebook and resource manual
  • Automated tracking software to monitor wrestler stats
  • Provide latest and greatest technique in technique library
  • Annual convention to collaborate with colleagues and governing bodies
  • Recognition programs for outstanding accomplishments
  • Collaborate with state and national governing bodies to promote legislation that will benefit wrestling

As the fan

  • Provide priority seating and lodging to NCAA Championships for NWCA members
  • NWCA members receive FREE admission to National Duals, All Star Classic, and NCAA Coaches Clinic
  • Provide real time scoring and webcasting of NWCA and NCAA events
  • Provides unprecedented statistical information on wrestlers

As the wrestler

  • Provide premier competition events such as the All Star Classic, National Duals, and Scholastic Duals
  • Help athletes maximize performance through the OPC (proven sport science practices)
  • Protect wrestlers with injury surveillance data and skin infection webinar

As the official

  • Maintains a comprehensive website for the National Wrestling Officials Association
  • Participate in the selection of evaluators for officials at the NCAA Championships
  • Training opportunities at the NWCA National Duals and convention