Background: The Best of Brand Awards are designed to reward programs for their investments made in marketing initiatives. Originally created with collegiate programs in mind, the Best of Brand Awards have now expanded in 2013 to include a division which showcases the marketing success of high school and club programs. There are a total of seven awards for programs participating in the Collegiate division, while high school and club programs will compete in the Open division for three different awards. Information on the different awards is available below.

College (Gold Standard, Masterful Mission, Breakthrough Performer) Registration
High School National and State Gold Standard Registration 

*College and high school graphic and video category registration coming November 1st.
(Best of Brand information sheet - HS awards in a nutshell)

Collegiate Division Awards 

Annual Achievement Awards: There are three different awards which recognize programs which have made a yearlong commitment to marketing initiatives.  These awards represent the highest honor in the Best of Brand awards.

The Gold Standard: For the program that best embraces innovative marketing strategies in college wrestling.

Breakthrough Performer: For the program that storms onto the social networking scene and builds their program’s brand the right way. 

The Masterful Mission:
For the program that best brands their mission via social network sites.

*Submission Deadline for full consideration for these awards is November 15, 2016. 

Individual Investment Awards
There are four different categories for programs to compete in for these Best of Brand awards.  In addition to having a committee assess these submissions, the finalists in these categories will compete in a Battle Round, bracket style competition where each day they will be pitted against other programs in a voting competition. Voting totals and campaign initiatives are taken into account when a final winner is chosen. 

The Highlight Reel: For the program that develops the best “wrestling related” highlight video to promote their team.

Pure Entertainment
: For the program that creates the best “non-wrestling related” video to promote their team.

Paramount Promotion: For the program that puts on the best promotion as part of their wrestling season.

Better Than Good Graphics: For programs that create the best high quality graphic to help build their brand.

*Submission will be open for these categories from November 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2017.

Open Division Awards

High school and club wrestling programs have the opportunity to compete in three categories in the Best of Brand awards.  We are currently in the process of determining if new categories will be added during the 2017-18 competition.  Please stay tuned.

The Gold Standard
: For the program that best embraces innovative marketing strategies in their social media efforts.

Better Than Good Graphics: For the program that creates the best high quality graphic to help build their brand. 

Added-Value Video: For the program that creates a video of any kind for the purpose of marketing their team and brand. 

*Submission deadline for full consideration for the Gold Standard Award is November 15, 2016.  

***Submission will be open for the Better Than Good Graphic and Added Value Video categories from November 1st, 2016 to February 28, 2017.

"These awards have the potential to transform our sport moving
forward from an interest standpoint"