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Added Value Video Competition

We have selected our finalists in the Best of Brand "Added Value Video" category.  These programs will take part in a voting round that will make-up 30% of the total for determining the winner (15% for vote total and 15% for creativity in campaign).  You can vote once an hour once the competition starts so visit often!  Voting is daily 12:00-9:00pm...see bracket below for schedule.

Other Best of Brand Competition Finalists

Added-Value Video
Finalists Vote Order: (1) Allen HS  (2) Chattanoochee  (3) Warren Central  (4)  Taft HS  (5) Baruch Wrestling

Allen HS

Baruch Wrestling


Taft HS - Girls                 

                  Warren Central
Past 2012-13 
Better Than Good
Graphic Finalists