Coaches Leadership Course

Overview: The NWCA, through a partnership with nationally renowned professor, Dr. Tom Kane, has developed an innovative, online leader training course that is delivered for either one or three college graduate credits through Missouri State University.  The course is designed for coaches primarily at the junior high, high school, or college levels. 

Be prepared to set aside about 2 hours each week (over a four week period) to complete the course.   Once you enroll in the course, you will be grouped with other high school and college coaches so you can collaborate on ideas and concepts throughout the course.  You will be required to email weekly assignments to Dr. Kane, all of which are graded.  The focus of the course is as follows:

  • Create a compelling team mission statement that can be used to justify the decisions you make as a coach.
  • Learn about quality leadership tools that student-wrestlers can use to strengthen team motivation and teamwork.
  • Construct a detailed mentoring plan to bring the leader out in every student-wrestler on the team.
  • Develop a school approved plan to deal with serious team issues that provides the best available help to the student-wrestlers who need it the most.

Please know that many state high school activity associations and/or governing bodies may allow you to count this course toward meeting certification and/or ongoing professional development requirements.   A test is included as part of the course and a certificate of completion is provided upon completion by Missouri State University.   Be sure to check with your respective governing body to make sure you can use the course to satisfy any such mandatory obligations.

Cost: The cost is $268 per coach and you can participate from the convenience of your computer at home. 

How to Register: Call the Executive Director, Mike Moyer, at 717-653-8009 or ORDER ONLINE!

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