College Coaches Leadership Academy

   College Coaches Academy: July 26-27, 2016 (Tentative-TBA)
FCA Leadership Academy: May 17-19, 2016 (Tentative - Edwardsville, IL)

: The NWCA, through a collaborative effort with internationally renowned coaching development expert, Dr. Dan Gould at Michigan State University, has constructed a gold standard leadership program to help college coaches accomplish the following:

  • Strengthen their CEO skills 
  • Strengthen alignment of wrestling programs with educational values
  • Insulate their programs from being discontinued

Background: The program consists of 10 online modules that address general concepts that are important to know developing an educationally based intercollegiate wrestling program.  An “in person” workshop will also be administered whereby coaches will work with their peers to adapt the general concepts to meet the unique needs on their campuses.  More information on the leadership academy will be provided on this page as the program develops.

Program Details:
For more information on goals of the program and specific focus areas, click here.

How to Apply:
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Educational Modules
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Past Participants
For a list of past mentors and coaches who have been a part of the leadership academy, click here.

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