High School Coaching Development Courses

Scholastic Coaches Resource Manual: Comprehensive administrative manual designed to help the coach build the "total" scholastic wrestling program.This is a collection of coaching related materials (fundraising, marketing, strength/conditioning, etc.) from many top high school coaches. Download an order form

NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Wrestling Course: An online course that provides a unique student-centered curriculum on essential wrestling coaching techniques and methods for interscholastic teacher/coaches. It also shares practical methods for increasing student participation through effective feedback and stress reduction. Learn more

NFHS "Get Certified": Starting in the Fall of 2009 the NFHS will be certifying coaches all across the country. To become a Level 1- Accredited Interscholastic Coach a person must complete both Core courses, Fundamentals of Coaching & First Aid For Coaches, and a sport specific course (the sport you coach) OR if a course in your sport is not available you may complete Teaching Sports Skills to achieve Level 1 Certification. (Get Certified Flyer - NFHS Coach Certification Brochure)

“Best Practices” Course*: An online courses for improving recruitment and retention of wrestlers ages 6 and over.  Learn more

Risk Management in Wrestling*: An online course designed to help coaches at all levels minimize risk and liability. Learn more

Coaches Leadership Course: An online course offered for one college graduate credit through Missouri State University that focuses on the following: team mission statement, functional leadership goals for the team, functional leadership skills in the athletes that support the team goals, and a strategy for dealing with serious team issues. Learn more

Student-Wrestlers Leadership Course: An online course offered for both high school and college wrestlers designed to strengten their leadership skills and understand the values and actions of exceptional leaders. Learn more

Novations E-Learning Courses: A series of e-learning courses from Novations that concentrate on the CEO skills necessary to be an effective coach. Learn more

Pricing and State Requirements for Coaches: from the NFHS Learning Center. Learn More

*Denotes courses available for Continuing Education Units through United States Sports Academy

"Building the sport of wrestling one program at a time"