Leadership Development Training

      Leadership Training Resources:
               1. Missouri Leadership Training Course (for coaches at all levels)
               2. Coach and Student Leadership Training course (for middle school and high school wrestlers)

The NWCA has invested significant resources into the development of leadership training programs for both high school and college coaches.  Regardless of whether you think leaders are naturally born or developed after birth, one thing is for sure.  Anyone can become a better leader with proper training.   The same holds true for coaches.

Through a partnership with Missouri State University, we currently provide an online one or three credit college graduate course in leadership.  The course is research based and was developed by nationally renowned leadership expert, Dr. Tom Kane at Missouri State University.  The basic premise is that you have to be able to lead yourself well before you can lead anyone else.  This course will help you establish an effective mission statement, a vision for your program, and team goals.  You will also develop a strategy for dealing with serious team issues.

In concert with the leadership training course for scholastic/collegiate coaches, we also offer a terrific online course for scholastic wrestlers.  This course is perfect for any student-wrestler who wants to be considered to be a team captain.  All too often, coaches will appoint or teammates will select team captains based on who is the best wrestler, etc.  Then, without any formal training, we just expect them to know what to do when confronted with tough situations. 

The NWCA maintains that leadership training needs to be much more intentional and we are thrilled to make this web-based program available to your team leaders (or entire team for that matter).  Currently, it is best suited for middle school and high school wrestlers but we are working diligently on developing a similar course for college wrestlers.       

So, on behalf of the NWCA Board of Directors, we hope you and your teams enjoy these very effective leadership training resources.