NWCA Marketing Resource Manual

Dr. Coyte Cooper (Twitter: @coytecooper)
CEO of Elite Level Sport Marketing

      Background Information:

During the past year, Elite Level Sport Marketing (ELSM) partnered with the NCAA and NWCA to create a Marketing Manual resource that provides coaches with a step-by-step kit designed to help grow their wrestling programs.  In anticipation of the unveiling of the Marketing Manual, the NCAA released an article on their home webpage about the resource.  To access the manual, click on the link below.  In addition, there are resources on the left tab of this page to supplement the manual.  Please check back for more great marketing development content throughout the year!

Download the Marketing Resource Manual (PDF)


​        1. Embracing a Marketing Mindset
        2. Developing a "Promotable" Program Vision
        3. Connecting for the Cause
        4. Producing a Positive Product
        5. Touching Base with Technology
        6. Implementing Innovative Promotions
        7. Evaluating Marketing Efforts
        8. Concluding Thoughts - Make a Move

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