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         NWCA Free Skin Infection Webinar (Focus: Preventative Methods)
         Hibiclens Educational Resources (Focus: Skin Care)                
         ProKure Educational Resources (Focus: Wrestling Mats and Equipment)

Importance of Skin Infection Prevention:

While coaches and wrestlers dedicate countless hours to the technical, tactical, and strength/conditioning aspects of our sport, it is imperative that the same level of importance is placed on safety.  More specifically, skin infection prevention has to be an everyday priority for the student-wrestlers.   Injury surveillance data supplied by both the NCAA and National Federation of State High School Associations indicates that skin infection is typically the second or third most reported “adverse event” in wrestling.   Think of an “adverse event” as an injury. 

While skin infection impacts athletes in all sports, wrestlers with active skin infection have to be particularly careful because they will be rendered ineligible for practice and competition until cleared by a doctor (due to the skin to skin contact).  Under no circumstances should any wrestler with active skin infection practice or compete until they are cleared by a physician.  Some skin infections, if left unchecked and/or undiagnosed, can be debilitating, expensive to cure, and in some cases, even deadly.   In addition to the obvious dangers of skin infections, a widespread skin infection outbreak could have long-lasting negative public relations consequences for our sport. 

Now for the good news.  Skin infection is one of the easiest “injuries” to avoid (as compared to sprains, strains, etc.) as long as you, your wrestlers, and their parents follow some very simple protocol.   The resources provided in this section will teach you all you need to know to make sure skin infection is kept at a minimum in your program.    So on behalf of the NWCA Board of Directors, we hope you enjoy these resources.        

Additional Resources:

NWCA PowerPoint
: An informative "Skin Infection in Wrestling resource created by Dr. Randy Martin.

New York Department of Health Prevention Fliers
: Informative PDF files for easy printing and posting to inform about the spread and prevention of skin diseases. NYSDOH Flier (English | Spanish)

NCAA Resource Hygiene and Wound Practices
: In an educational partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the NCAA has supplied each member campus with six posters addressing proper hygiene and wound practices targeted at reducing the risk of infectious disease transmission, particularly involving methicillin-resistantStaphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Click here for the NCAA page with posters and information.

Skin Infection Webinar
: A resource dedicated to helping coaches to understand the steps necessary to decrease skin infections.

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