September 2020 Retired Coaches Update

By Paul White, Retired Coaches Director

As this crazy year progresses, it’s nice to see some everyday things like college football taking place…go UGA Bulldogs!! A lot of big-time upsets in the first weeks. I hope we can transition into a great wrestling season.

The NWCA still has a lot of states with no Retired State Reps. Right now these states are covered: AL, FL, GA, MD, VA, TN, NE, NM, NC, SC, WI, CA, OR, OK, MI, OH, NH, VT, ND, NV, WV, MO. 

These coaches are staying involved and giving back to wrestling by assisting NWCA Scholastic State Reps. Mentoring young coaches and wrestlers in their home state. They are assisting in presentations of NWCA awards and assisting in NWCA Scholastic Academies when they come to their area.and attending and participating in the annual NWCA conventions. Coaches interested contact me at 678 316 7311.

One of the little things our local high school does that makes a difference is installing year-by-year wallboard of state place winners and team state placements. What a great way to motivate our youth club wrestlers and middle school wrestlers to get their names on the board. Little things can make a big difference.


Paul White, Retired Coaches Director
National Wrestling Coaches Association

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