2018-19 NWCA Division III Scholar All-American Awards Announced

Manheim, Pennsylvania – On Thursday, the NWCA  announce the full slate of 2018-2019 Academic Team and Individual honorees for NCAA Division III with awards going to 261 individuals representing 83 institutions.

“On behalf of the NWCA Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate all of the wrestlers, teams, and their staffs who have demonstrated a tireless commitment to supporting the ideal of educationally based athletics,” NWCA Executive Director Mike Moyer said. “What can get lost during the season of competition is that these young men are students first and it is our honor to be able to recognize the individuals and squads who risen to a level of excellence academically.

In the team race, Johns Hopkins finished atop of the field with a 3.776 GPA followed by Baldwin Wallace’s 3.766, and Wesleyan’s 3.714.

For the individual awards, Baldwin Wallace and Ithaca led the list of honorees with 8 All-Academic selections apiece, while nine other institutions respectively had 7 individuals making the list.

Top 30 All-Academic Teams


TeamTeam GPA
Johns Hopkins University3.776
Baldwin Wallace3.766
Wesleyan University3.714
Stevens Institute of Technology3.704
Ithaca College3.668
Springfield College3.665
Saint John’s Universtity3.650
University of Chicago3.644
Williams College3.627
Norwich University3.620
Case Western Reserve3.611
Muhlenberg College3.608
Washington and Lee University3.602
Messiah College3.597
Wilkes University3.586
Rochester Institute of Technology3.545
United States Coast Guard Academy3.537
Augsburg University3.537
Cornell College3.532
Trinity College3.522
York College of Pennsylvania3.519
Worcester Polytechnic Institute3.515
New York University3.508
Wartburg College3.473
SUNY Oneonta3.406
Johnson & Wales University3.396
Concordia College-Moorhead3.389
Waynesburg University3.360
University of Wisconsin-Platteville3.359

NWCA Division III All-Academic Individuals

InstitutionLast Name, First NameWeight Class
Alma CollegeKuehnlein, Jayce157
Alma CollegeCooper, Zachary149
Augsburg UniversityGliva, Victor125
Augsburg UniversityBennyhoff, Sam133
Augsburg UniversityBethea, Andrew149
Augsburg UniversityFlynn, David141
Augsburg UniversityWilson, Aaron157
Augsburg UniversityWilson, Alex149
Baldwin WallaceGinnetti, Dante125
Baldwin WallaceMcHugh, Tanner141
Baldwin WallaceSbrocco, Nicholas149
Baldwin WallaceBleich, Stan149
Baldwin WallaceRitchie, James285
Baldwin WallaceNash, Charlie133
Baldwin WallaceLeightner, Dalton141
Baldwin WallaceRansom, Justin184
Buena Vista UniversityVaughan, Shane174
Case Western ReserveCollier, Isaac165
Case Western ReserveHoover, Alec133
Castleton UniversityTempel, Max149
Castleton UniversityLaFlam, Mitchell197
Castleton UniversityKretschmer, Owen125
Castleton UniversityGonyea, Michael133
Centenary UniversityMuce,Christopher157
Centenary UniversityFoca, Michael141
Central College (IA)McBride, Griffen184
Central College (IA)Petty, Chase133
Central College (IA)Scheuermann, Jeremy174
Central College (IA)Fritz, Nathan174
Central College (IA)Murino, Chris285
Central College (IA)Lee, Duncan285
Central College (IA)Rummelhart, Lane184
Coe CollegeVoss, Jake174
Coe CollegeMehmen, Taylor197
Coe CollegeEdel, Joshua184
Concordia College-MoorheadBogart, Benjamin133
Concordia College-MoorheadDeegan, Travis165
Concordia College-MoorheadWilson, Bret141
Concordia College-MoorheadJaeger, Adam157
Cornell CollegeHewson, Benjamin165
Cornell CollegeOveson, Bryce184
Cornell CollegeLyons, Chris285
Defiance CollegeBeltran, Rosendo125
Delaware Valley UniversityDuxbury, Robert141
Elizabethtown CollegePaisley, Josh149
Elmhurst CollegeBrittain, Nevin174
Elmhurst CollegeDerain, Keone157
Elmhurst CollegeMcAuliffe, James141
Ferrum CollegeTolbert, Andrew165
Ferrum CollegeRosenbaum, Blake174
Gettysburg CollegeKowalski, Colin174
Gettysburg CollegeDevlin, Colin149
HeidelbergMorrison, Chase197
HeidelbergBrainard, Mason133
HeidelbergRoth, Dylan184
HeidelbergHammack, Tyler197
Hunter CollegeMiller, Sean149
Hunter CollegeCota, Andrew133
Ithaca CollegeO’Brien, Jacob285
Ithaca CollegeAshcraft, Jacob184
Ithaca CollegeWhitney, Austin165
Ithaca CollegeElias, Dalton197
Ithaca CollegeBrisman, Benjamin141
Ithaca CollegeMase, Ferdinand125
Ithaca CollegeNinos, Logan125
Ithaca CollegeColom, Tito133
Ithaca CollegeChukwuezi, Chibueze174
John Carroll UniversityGross, Samuel165
Johns Hopkins UniversityGilliam, William197
Johns Hopkins UniversityMorales, Isaac184
Johns Hopkins UniversityCavallo, Ricky133
Johnson & Wales UniversityBehen, Christopher165
Johnson & Wales UniversityJoyce, Darius149
Johnson & Wales UniversityGonzalez, Adrian165
Johnson & Wales UniversitySampson, Craig141
Johnson & Wales UniversityBurns, Da’Mani149
King’s CollegeSparks, Matthew149
Loras CollegeMcMillen, Mason133
Loras CollegeSmith, Zeke125
Loras CollegeSchuler, Sam184
Loras CollegeIndelli, Frankie141
Loras CollegeEverson, Brice133
Loras CollegeLicht, Zach133
Loras CollegeSmith, Eddie165
Luther CollegeMurphy, Connor125
Luther CollegeFeldpausch, Keenan285
Lycoming CollegeLynd, Tom285
Lycoming CollegeCorl, Trevor157
Lycoming CollegeCasey, Shane125
Lycoming CollegeMiccio, Bradley184
Manchester UniversityArney, Joel157
Manchester UniversityPhillips, Javon149
Messiah CollegeShermeyer, Brian174
Messiah CollegeGehr, Josiah125
Messiah CollegeSwarr, Daniel174
Messiah CollegeMaloney, Stephen149
MillikinBirt, Bradan157
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMatticks, Drew165
Milwaukee School of EngineeringVandenbush, Helton174
Milwaukee School of EngineeringHeath, Duncan197
Mount UnionMassey, David141
Mount UnionPugh, Antwon157
Muhlenberg CollegeColestock, Luca197
Muhlenberg CollegeJamison, Brian157
Muhlenberg CollegeFratantoni, Jimmy174
Muhlenberg CollegeSherman, Austin141
Muhlenberg CollegeMahaffey, Angelo157
Muskingum UniversityBurkholder, Jordan125
New England CollegeSantiago, Diego125
New York UniversityDrill, Evan141
New York UniversityLoughney, Kade165
New York UniversityDwyer, Dylan157
New York UniversityMurdoch, James165
New York UniversityLyons, Sean149
North Central CollegeHayes, Cam174
North Central CollegeVittal, Tyler197
North Central CollegeFord, James174
North Central CollegeWilliamson, Ben157
North Central CollegeMacellaio, Marcello165
North Central CollegeRink, Anthony149
North Central CollegeNako, Jason197
Norwich UniversityCurran, Dan174
Norwich UniversityStauffer, Satchel197
Ohio Northern UniversityTransu, Seth125
Ohio Northern UniversityAndrews, Jeff149
Ohio Northern UniversityDavidson, Clayton174
Ohio Northern UniversityWagner, Shaun157
Ohio Wesleyan UniversityWittman, Bryce157
Olivet CollegeWallis, Reese133
Olivet CollegeMurphy, Hunter149
Olivet CollegeMiller, Owen285
Olivet CollegeGrimsley, Tyler165
Olivet CollegeKinjorski, Liam157
Olivet CollegeMahlich, Cam125
Olivet CollegeBriggs, Dylan165
Oswego StateMathews, Isaac165
OtterbeinBunsold, Corbin197
Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn College)Otis, Dylan285
Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn College)Gettys, Dylan174
Plymouth Stateda Silva, Dylan184
Rhode Island CollegeGallagher, Michael184
Rhode Island CollegeManick, Travis197
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHorton, Christopher133
Rochester Institute of TechnologyStedeford, Zachary149
Rochester Institute of TechnologyKing, Dempsey165
Rochester Institute of TechnologyCutugno, Joseph184
Roger Williams UniversityShay, Taylor165
Saint John’s UniversityNovak, Jerod157
Saint John’s UniverstityBecker, Noah133
Saint John’s UniverstityDodd, Luke197
Simpson CollegeBrown, RJ174
Southern Virginia UniversityBrunner, Alex285
Springfield CollegeVietri, Mike141
Springfield CollegeFeliz, Aarin174
Springfield CollegeGutierrez, Kearney149
Springfield CollegeHarty, Ryan157
Springfield CollegeFusco, Joe285
Springfield CollegeSt. Jean, Jacques133
Springfield CollegePalaszewski, Dillan165
Stevens Institute of TechnologyKaliner, Brett149
Stevens Institute of TechnologyBorai, Yoseph133
Stevens Institute of TechnologySchneider, Joseph149
Stevens Institute of TechnologyStanich, Troy141
Stevens Institute of TechnologyDooley, Michael184
Stevens Institute of TechnologyVan Sickell, Dylan157
Stevens Institute of TechnologyGennat, Robert174
SUNY CortlandMaquet, Matt133
SUNY CortlandDubuque, Dylan197
SUNY OneontaBethel, James285
SUNY OneontaSmith, Mikey125
The College of New JerseyRua, Anthony141
The College of New JerseyBudzek, Ryan149
The College of New JerseyDinger, Robert141
The College of New JerseyBeirne, James157
The College of New JerseyKilroy, Daniel174
The University of ScrantonD’Agostini, Daniel197
The University of ScrantonConnelly, Keegan285
Thiel CollegeGladysz, Gage197
Thiel CollegeFarabaugh, Dominic184
Trine UniversityMiller, Nick174
Trine UniversitySimmons, Ethan285
Trinity CollegeSorensen, Grant149
Trinity CollegeReilly, Jack165
United States Coast Guard AcademyDetwiler, Paul184
United States Coast Guard AcademyRemke, Nick165
United States Coast Guard AcademyBerson, Jeremy184
United States Coast Guard AcademyRogers, Philip174
United States Coast Guard AcademyIrwin, Patrick285
United States Coast Guard AcademyMoreno, Nick165
United States Coast Guard AcademyWagner, Jon197
University of ChicagoSarasin, Ben174
University of ChicagoBritain, Will165
University of ChicagoRiemer, Cole149
University of ChicagoPecci, Maguire149
University of ChicagoPeisker, Kyle184
University of ChicagoLee-Lermer, Kahlan165
University of DubuqueCain, Ethan197
University of Southern MainePeavey, Jake285
University of Southern MaineDel Gallo, Peter125
University of the OzarksLee, Jerhett285
University of Wisconsin, OshkoshYineman, Beau197
University of Wisconsin, OshkoshSchoenfuss, AJ125
University of Wisconsin-PlattevilleArneson, Scott133
University of Wisconsin-PlattevilleWedepohl, Grant184
Ursinus CollegeGoranson, Zachary165
US Merchant Marine AcademySims, William165
US Merchant Marine AcademyBunce, Blake285
US Merchant Marine AcademyEsposito, Dominic174
US Merchant Marine AcademyGlantzman, Joshua184
UW-La CrosseJenny, Tristan125
UW-La CrosseErnst, Konrad285
UW-La CrosseSchoen, Jackson165
UW-Stevens PointVosters, Ben133
UW-Stevens PointSmiley, Luke157
UW-Stevens PointLipke, Jerry197
UW-WhitewaterKauzlaric, Riley197
UW-WhitewaterSundberg, Nicholas285
UW-WhitewaterShinhoster, Jaritt174
Wabash CollegeSchurg, Darden174
Wabash CollegeCicciarelli, Anthony165
Wabash CollegeHerrin, Andrew184
Wabash CollegeDoster, Owen133
Wartburg CollegeBriggs, Kyle174
Wartburg CollegeFritz, Brady141
Wartburg CollegeWileman, Bowen285
Wartburg CollegeRathbun, Brock133
Wartburg CollegeKyner, Brady125
Washington & Jefferson CollegeHeinl, Michael149
Washington & Jefferson CollegeWalker, Jared165
Washington & Jefferson CollegePalm, Vincent141
Washington and Lee UniversityHartman, Ethan125
Washington and Lee UniversityCrew, Bryce149
Washington and Lee UniversityHallyburton, Rex184
Washington and Lee UniversityBylykbashi, Zach141
Wesleyan UniversityRoss, Shane149
Wesleyan UniversityMurillo, Zack125
Wesleyan UniversityStetson, Tristan133
Western New England UniversityDeLucia, Justin141
Western New England UniversityBoyle, John184
Western New England UniversityMonteiro, Ryan157
Westminster CollegeLandreth, Dalton133
Westminster CollegeWarren, Jacob157
Wheaton CollegeHuggins, Jonavan165
Wilkes UniversityShaffer, Max141
Wilkes UniversityStokes, Tommy141
Wilkes UniversityRacanelli, Nick165
Wilkes UniversityGyenizs, Ashton174
Wilkes UniversityRitter, John157
Wilkes UniversityO’Connor, Dylan133
Williams CollegeSeyfried, Brendon157
Williams CollegeRossetti, Joseph141
Williams CollegeYeh, David125
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteMarsh, Tyler157
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteDay, Nick285
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteWensley, Dan184
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteLind, Chase174
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteCurtis, Mike197
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteMarion, Brendan165
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteHay, Eddie157
York College of PennsylvaniaKrauss, Frankie184
York College of PennsylvaniaNuttall, Dylan125
York College of PennsylvaniaSindoni, Joseph174
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