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2020 NWCA Convention Schedule


DateStart TimeEnd TimeTrackTitlePresenter
7/29/209:00 AM9:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision I Business SessionJim Fallis
7/29/209:00 AM9:50 AMWomen's CollegeNAIA Women's Championship SessionMarc Burchard
7/29/209:00 AM9:50 AMRetired CoachThe Critical Need for Retired Coaches to Pay it Forward to Grow WrestlingPaul White and Neil Turner
7/29/2010:00 AM10:50 AMAllWhy Your Character CountsTim Hess
7/29/2010:00 AM10:50 AMAllAthlete Mental Health in WrestlingMcKenzie Pavacich
7/29/2011:00 AM11:50 AMCollegeHow to Navigate Contract NegotiationsRand Sacks & David Eyl
7/29/2011:00 AM11:50 AMScholasticHot Topics in High School Wrestling for Boys and GirlsGeorge Way, Joan Fulp, Pat Tocci & Ron Higdon
7/29/2011:00 AM11:50 AMWomen's CollegeBuilding a Sustainable Program for women's college programsAshley Sword
7/29/2011:00 AM11:50 AMRetired CoachEffective Mentoring – Mentoring 101Garret Barbush
7/29/2011:00 AM11:50 AMOfficialsHow to Become and Remain a High School and/or College OfficialKenny Ritchie, Carlus Mansel and Gary Wade
7/29/2011:00 AM11:50 AMAthletic TrainerHow Nutrition can Impact your WrestlerErin Sparrold
7/29/2011:00 AM11:50 AMYouthBecoming a Great CoachDr. Dan Gould, Pat McNamara and Sarah Doty
7/29/2012:00 PM12:50 PMAllMitigating Risk in a Co-Ed Contact SportGary Sherman
7/29/2012:00 PM12:50 PMAllHow to Fundraise without an Alumni BaseCliff Cushard/Nick Mitchell/ Jeff Bedard
7/29/201:00 PM1:50 PMMen's CollegeDivision II Business SessionJim Fallis
7/29/202:00 PM2:50 PMAllKeynoteAaron Grossman
7/29/203:00 PM3:50 PMAllHow Telemedicine Can Help Keep Your Athletes on the MatDr. Ella Calame/Dr. Kevin Wright/Russell Calame
7/29/203:00 PM3:50 PMAllHow to Use Video to Increase your Chances of SuccessKerry McCoy
7/29/203:00 PM3:50 PMAllPositive LeadershipMark Stephens
7/29/204:00 PM4:50 PMMen's CollegeHow to Use the OPC System for College Coaches, Including Results EntryPat Tocci
7/29/204:00 PM4:50 PMScholasticHow Girls and Boys Wrestling Impact Each OtherAndrea Yamamoto/Jacque Davis/Doug Kretzer
7/29/204:00 PM4:50 PMWomen's CollegeEffective Freestyle Practice PlanningUSA Wrestling Women's Freestyle National Team Staff (Terry Steiner, Clarissa Chun, Jessica Medina)
7/29/204:00 PM4:50 PMRetired CoachSpecific Needs of Fledging High School ProgramsDave Crowell
7/29/204:00 PM4:50 PMOfficialsHolistic Approach to Officiating - Physical, Mental, Diet, Fitness & MoreMike Hagerty
7/29/204:00 PM4:50 PMAthletic TrainerGetting your Wrestlers Through the Grind of the Wrestling SeasonChris Scarlata
7/29/204:00 PM4:50 PMYouthGetting and Keeping Young People Involved in Wrestling.Dr. Dan Gould
7/29/205:00 PM5:50 PMWomen's CollegeNAIA Women Business SessionJim Fallis
7/29/208:00 PM10:00 PMAllWrestling Happy HourJason Bryant
7/30/209:00 AM9:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision III Business SessionJim Fallis
7/30/2010:00 AM10:50 AMAllWIBN: What it is all about, and how it can help your program.Joe Savino, Aaron Grossman, Joe Galante, Josh Moore, Ed Rufrano, Dr. Steve Sanko, Liv Gumble, Joe Patrovich, Lori Ayres
7/30/2010:00 AM10:50 AMAllWrestle with Pride - Being an Advocate for LGBTQQTony Ramos
7/30/2010:00 AM10:50 AMAllCustomizing Nutrition and Meal Plans for Optimizing PerformanceEkin Nutrition
7/30/2011:00 AM11:50 AMMen's CollegeEverything you Ever Wanted to Ask an OfficialTim Shiels
7/30/2011:00 AM11:50 AMScholasticHow to Grow and Sustain your ProgramMarty Hauck & Danny Struck
7/30/2011:00 AM11:50 AMWomen's CollegeMotherhood and Coaching – Maintaining Work/Life BalanceChristen Dierken
7/30/2011:00 AM11:50 AMRetired Coach10 Principles of Long Term Investing ResilienceBryan Davis/Michael Ferris
7/30/2011:00 AM11:50 AMAthletic TrainerWeight Management Software in WrestingPat Tocci
7/30/2011:00 AM11:50 AMYouthCoaching Today’s Internet Generation KidDr. Dan Gould
7/30/2012:00 PM12:50 PMAllCamps, Clubs, and Taxes: What you need to know.Lyndsey Beasley
7/30/2012:00 PM12:50 PMAllManaging Your Program When a Tragedy Impacts Your TeamBrian Smith/Ryan Landis/Dr. Greg Holliday
7/30/2012:00 PM12:50 PMAllAdvocacy and Protocols for your program regarding COVID-19Rich Killingsworth and Charlie Agozzino
7/30/201:00 PM1:50 PMMen's CollegeNAIA Men Business SessionJim Fallis
7/30/202:00 PM2:50 PMAllKeynoteDebbie Yow
7/30/203:00 PM3:50 PMAllPreparing for the Upcoming Season and COVID-19Dr. Harvey Rubin
7/30/203:00 PM3:50 PMAllD2/D3 Legislation/Committee WorkJim Fallis
7/30/204:00 PM4:50 PMMen's College and Women's CollegeWorking with 1st Generation Student-AthletesTodd Hibbs
7/30/204:00 PM4:50 PMScholasticCollegiate Opportunities and How Scholastic Coaches can NavigateJoe Norton/Link Davis/Kristie Davis
7/30/204:00 PM4:50 PMRetired CoachWIBN/How to Play your PartJoe Savino, Aaron Grossman, Joe Galante, Josh Moore, Ed Rufrano, Dr. Steve Sanko, Liv Gumble, Joe Patrovich, Lori Ayres
7/30/204:00 PM4:50 PMOfficialsEvaluations; A teaching tool for Improvement.Brian Manzi/Greg Strobel/Ron Beaschler
7/30/204:00 PM4:50 PMAthletic TrainerUnique Nature of Wrestling Related Injuries (Concussions, Shoulders and Knees)Larry Cooper, Jim Thornton
7/30/204:00 PM4:50 PMYouthKeeping Young Wrestlers Safe.Dr. Dennis Johnson
7/30/205:00 PM5:50 PMAllCustomized Nutrition and Weight Descent PlansJoey Boyens
7/30/205:00 PM5:50 PMWomen's CollegeNCAA Women Business SessionJim Fallis
7/31/209:00 AM9:50 AMWomen's CollegeElevating Marketing for Women's Collegiate WrestlingJulia Salata/Sally Roberts/Alexis Porter/Jason Bryant/Andy Hamilton/Lara Lay/Gabby Lord-Klein
7/31/2010:00 AM10:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision I Championship SessionAnthony Holman
7/31/2010:00 AM10:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision II Championship SessionRyan Tressel
7/31/2010:00 AM10:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision III Championship SessionJP Williams
7/31/2010:00 AM10:50 AMMen's CollegeNAIA Men Championship SessionMarc Burchard
7/31/2010:00 AM10:50 AMMen's CollegeNJCAA Championship/Business SessionJosh Rhoden
7/31/2010:00 AM10:50 AMAthletic TrainerSkin Infection Awareness and Best PracticesCatharine Rudio
7/31/2010:00 AM10:50 AMOfficialsHow to become and stay a Top Level Official.Matt Sorochinsky/Angel Rivera /Ryan Hagan/Nate Chatman/Jimmy Chen
7/31/2010:00 AM10:50 AMRetired Coach, Scholastic, YouthIf I Knew Then, What I Know NowGeorge Way/Les Combs/Dan Zotterelli/Dave Cloud
7/31/2011:00 AM11:50 AMWomen's CollegeImproved Performance Through Strength and Conditioning for Female AthletesEthan Reeve
7/31/2011:00 AM11:50 AMMen's CollegeSafeguarding Your Program with the NWCA Report CardSteve Feye
7/31/2011:00 AM11:50 AMScholasticNFHS Rules PresentationElliot Hopkins
7/31/2011:00 AM11:50 AMYouthEffective Strategies for Dealing with Kids with Behavioral IssuesDr. Dennis Johnson
7/31/2012:00 PM12:50 PMAllIntroduction to the Black Wrestling Association (BWA)Black Wrestling Association (Nathan Jackson and Kerry McCoy)
7/31/202:00 PM2:50 PMAllKeynoteChris Campbell
7/31/203:00 PM3:50 PMAllWhen Should Kids Compete?Dr. Dan Gould, Ian Assel, Tanner Sewell, and Stacy Behrens
7/31/203:00 PM3:50 PMAllFueling the Female WrestlerErin Sparrold
7/31/203:00 PM4:50 PMAllYou Make the Call - Interactive Session on Tough CallsTim Shiels
7/31/203:00 AM3:50 AMAllMatBossTyler Hemmesch
7/31/205:00 PM5:50 PMAllState of UnionMike Moyer