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2021 Convention Schedule

DateStart TimeEnd TimeTrackSpecific TrackTitle
7/28/219:00 AM9:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision I Business SessionDivision I Business Session
7/28/219:00 AM9:50 AMWomen's CollegeNAIA Women's Championship SessionNAIA Women's Championship Session
7/28/219:00 AM9:50 AMRetired CoachRetired Coach General SessionMentorship Programming
7/28/2110:00 AM10:50 AMAll Attendees - ABreakoutFusionetics - What it can do for your team
7/28/2110:00 AM10:50 AMAll Attendees - BBreakoutTeam Culture = Success
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMCollegeCollege General SessionHow your Leadership Groups work for you.
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMScholasticScholastic General SessionBuilding a HS Girl's Program from Scratch
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMWomen's CollegeWomen General SessionBuilding a College Women's Program from Scratch
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMRetired CoachRetired Coach General SessionTechnology in Wrestling
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMOfficialsOfficials General SessionOfficial's Journey
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMYouthYouth General SessionGames Demo (with resources)
7/28/2112:00 PM12:50 PMAll Attendees - ABreakoutFolkstyle Technique Session
7/28/2112:00 PM12:50 PMAll Attendees - BBreakoutNAIA/NJCAA/Women Legislation/Committee Work
7/28/211:00 PM1:50 PMMen's CollegeDivision II Business SessionDivision II Business Session
7/28/212:00 PM2:50 PMAllKeynote PresentationKeynote
7/28/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - ABreakoutThe future of the NWCA and Flo Partnership
7/28/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - BBreakoutMental Health for Coaches
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMMen's CollegeCollege General SessionNational Strength Coach of the Year - Springfield College
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMScholasticScholastic General SessionRecruiting to a miltary academy vs a non-academy
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMWomen's CollegeWomen General SessionWomen Panel (3)
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMRetired CoachRetired Coach General SessionPennsylvania Retired Chapter
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMOfficialsOfficials General SessionAsk The Official
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMYouthYouth General SessionCreating a Positive Youth Sport Experience
7/28/215:00 PM5:50 PMWomen's CollegeNAIA Women Business SessionNAIA Women Business Session
7/28/218:00 PM10:00 PMAll Attendees - AInteractive SocialWrestling Happy Hour
7/29/219:00 AM9:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision III Business SessionDivision III Business Session
7/29/2110:00 AM10:50 AMAll Attendees - ABreakoutHow Coaches Gain Support From Admin
7/29/2110:00 AM10:50 AMAll Attendees - BBreakoutDeveloping Team Captains
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMCollege Men & WomenCollege General SessionInsulating your Program from the Financial Impact of COVID-19
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMScholastic and YouthScholastic/Youth General SessionHow to rebound from the pandemic (retention and positives)
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMRetired CoachRetired Coach General Session
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMOfficialsOfficials General Session
7/29/2112:00 PM12:50 PMAll Attendees - ABreakoutHow I overcame adversity
7/29/2112:00 PM12:50 PMAll Attendees - BBreakoutDeveloping Clubs in Under-Represented Areas
7/29/211:00 PM1:50 PMMen's CollegeNAIA Men Business SessionNAIA Men Business Session
7/29/212:00 PM2:50 PMAll Attendees - AKeynote PresentationTBD
7/29/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - ABreakoutCreating Relationships with your Student-Athlete
7/29/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - BBreakoutWorking with Families Directly Impacted by COVID-19
7/29/214:00 PM4:50 PMMen's College and Women's CollegeCollege (Men and Women) General SessionCovering your basis - staying out of quicksand
7/29/214:00 PM4:50 PMScholasticScholastic General SessionClub Vs. High School
7/29/214:00 PM4:50 PMRetired CoachRetired Coach General Session
7/29/214:00 PM4:50 PMOfficialsOfficials General Session
7/29/214:00 PM4:50 PMYouthYouth General SessionLong-Term Athletic Development
7/29/215:00 PM5:50 PMWomen's CollegeNCAA Women Business SessionNCAA Women Business Session
7/30/219:00 AM9:50 AMAll AttendeesBreakoutOlympic Live Look-In
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College - DIDivision I Championship SessionDivision I Championship Session
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College - DIIDivision II Championship SessionDivision II Championship Session
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College - DIIIDivision III Championship SessionDivision III Championship Session
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College -NAIANAIA Men Championship SessionNAIA Men Championship Session
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College - NJCAANJCAA Championship/Business SessionNJCAA Championship/Business Session
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMOfficialsOfficials General Session
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMRetired Coach, Scholastic, YouthRetired Coach/Scholastic Coach/Youth Coach General SessionBoys and Girls Coach of the Year Panel
7/30/2111:00 AM11:50 AMWomen's CollegeWomen SessionFreestyle Technique Session
7/30/2111:00 AM12:50 AMMen's CollegeMen's College General SessionMens Rules Session
7/30/2111:00 AM11:50 AMScholasticScholastic Rules SessionNFHS Rules Presentation
7/30/2111:00 AM11:50 AMYouthYouth General SessionRoutine Situations that result in a lawsuit
7/30/211:00 PM1:50 PMAll AttendeesBreakoutState of Union
7/30/212:00 PM2:50 PMAll AttendeesKeynote PresentationThe Life of Rick Bay and the Bay Family - Keynote
7/30/213:00 PM3:50 PMScholastic/YouthScholastic/Youth General SessionScholastic Leadership Academy - What it can do for you
7/30/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - AWomen Coach TopicCollegiate Leadership Academy - What it can do for you
7/30/213:00 PM4:50 PMAll Attendees - BBreakoutYou Make the Call - Interactive Session on Tough Calls
7/30/215:00 PM5:50 PMAll Attendees - AClosing SessionState of Union