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2021 Convention Schedule

DateStart TimeEnd TimeTrackTitlePresenter
7/28/219:00 AM9:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision I Business SessionJim Fallis
7/28/219:00 AM9:50 AMWomen's CollegeNAIA Women's Championship SessionMarc Burchard
7/28/219:00 AM9:50 AMRetired CoachWhat It Takes to be a Retired State RepresentativePaul White
7/28/2110:00 AM10:50 AMAll Attendees - ANew College Coach OrientationPat Tocci and Mike Moyer
7/28/2110:00 AM10:50 AMAll Attendees - BTeam Culture = SuccessScott Green, Pete Jacobson, Omi Acosta and Pat Popolizio
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMMen's and Women's CollegeHow your Leadership Groups work for you.Jim Fallis (Leadership Group Chairs)
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMScholasticBuilding a HS Girl's Program from ScratchDamon Parker
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMWomen's CollegeOPC and what it can do for youPat Tocci
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMOfficialsWhat I know now vs. what I knew thenTim Shiels Kenny Ritchie Nick Grosso Jason Rivera Mike Burns Carlus Mansel Gary Wade
7/28/2111:00 AM11:50 AMYouthPower (Tips to influence physical and mental power in your athletes)Danny Struck
7/28/2112:00 PM12:50 PMAll Attendees - AReport Card and Strategic Plan template for an increase in salary and operating budgetSteve Feye
7/28/2112:00 PM12:50 PMAll Attendees - BCommon Injuries in WrestlingLarry Cooper/Jim Thornton
7/28/211:00 PM1:50 PMMen's CollegeDivision II Business SessionJim Fallis
7/28/212:00 PM2:50 PMAll AttendeesKeynoteCraig Powell
7/28/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - AThe future of the NWCA and Flo PartnershipMike Moyer, Shane Benitz, Craig Pokorny and Adam Fenn
7/28/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - BMental Health for CoachesDr. Earl Walker
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMMen's CollegeNational Strength Coach of the Year - Springfield CollegeDr. Brian Thompson
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMScholasticRecruiting to a miltary academy vs a non-academyKevin Ward
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMWomen's CollegeRecruiting for an intercollegiate women's teamTravis Mercado, Jason Moorman, Brandy Green
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMRetired CoachWhat you can do as a Retired Coach in your Community and how your school can be supported by retired coachesLloyd Rhoades and Tom Elling
7/28/214:00 PM4:50 PMOfficialsMike Hagerty Thoughts on Wrestling and OfficiatingMike Hagerty
7/28/215:00 PM5:50 PMWomen's CollegeNAIA Women Business SessionJim Fallis
7/28/218:00 PM10:00 PMAll Attendees - AWrestling Happy HourBryan Hazard
7/29/219:00 AM9:50 AMMen's CollegeDivision III Business SessionJim Fallis
7/29/2110:00 AM10:50 AMAll Attendees - AThings that can land you in TroubleMarc Bauer, Nate Moorman, Jayme Pendergast, Jim Fallis
7/29/2110:00 AM10:50 AMAll Attendees - BDeveloping Team CaptainsDan Gould
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMDivision I CoachesPresentation on NCAA Committee on AcademicsGreg Dana
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMMen's and Women's CollegeWorking with Families Directly Impacted by COVID-19Dr. Earl Walker
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMScholastic and YouthGratitude - The Ultimate Mental EdgeMike Moor - Wrestling Mindset
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMRetired CoachWhat it takes to mentor your young coaches/wrestlersDave Pacheco
7/29/2111:00 AM11:50 AMOfficialsHow to review video effectivelyTim Shiels, Jeff Cook and Ron Beaschler
7/29/2112:00 PM12:50 PMAll Attendees - AWhat MatBoss can do for youTyler Hemmesch
7/29/2112:00 PM12:50 PMAll Attendees - BBeat the streets, Giving kids a fighting chanceBior Guigni
7/29/211:00 PM1:50 PMMen's CollegeNAIA Men Business SessionJim Fallis
7/29/212:00 PM2:50 PMAll AttendeesKeynote PresentationKyra Barry
7/29/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - AFirst Generation College Bound StudentsDr. Todd Hibbs
7/29/213:00 PM3:50 PMAll Attendees - BIncorporating Greco Roman into folkstyle trainingKerry Regner
7/29/214:00 PM4:50 PMMen's and Women's CollegeName, Image and LikenessJill Bodensteiner
7/29/214:00 PM4:50 PMScholasticLeveraging Key Influencers in your School to Grow Girls' WrestlingVanessa Oswalt, Lori Ayres
7/29/214:00 PM4:50 PMOfficialsOfficiating RoundTable - What Makes a Great OfficialGary Kessel, Mike Hagerty, Tim Shiels, Dave Frisch, Kenny Ritchie, Mike McCormick, Pat Fitzgerald
7/29/215:00 PM5:50 PMWomen's CollegeNCAA Women Business SessionJim Fallis
7/30/219:00 AM9:50 AMAll AttendeesWhat WIBN Can Do For You and Your WrestlersColonel Dave Fallon
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College - DIDivision I Championship SessionAnthony Holman
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College - DIIDivision II Championship SessionRyan Tressel
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College - DIIIDivision III Championship SessionJ.P. Williams
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College -NAIANAIA Men Championship SessionMarc Burchard
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMMen's College - NJCAANJCAA Championship/Business SessionJoe Renfro & Jim Fallis
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMOfficialsHow to Become a State Championship OfficialRon Higdon, Mark Reeves, Tim Shiels
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMWomen's CollegeFreestyle Technique SessionEmma Randall
7/30/2110:00 AM10:50 AMRetired Coach, Scholastic, YouthBoys and Girls Coach of the Year PanelMichael Garcia and Steve Thorpe
7/30/2111:00 AM11:50 AMWomen's CollegeCollegiate Leadership Academy - What it can do for youDave Kemmy/Ashley Sword/Cliff Cushard
7/30/2111:00 AM11:50 AMMen's CollegeMens Rules SessionChuck Barbee
7/30/2111:00 AM11:50 AMScholasticNFHS Rules PresentationElliot Hopkins
7/30/2112:00 PM12:50 PMScholastic/YouthScholastic Leadership Academy - What it can do for youBud Hennebaul/Dan Gould/Dave Cloud/Trent Kroll
7/30/211:00 PM1:50 PMAll AttendeesBlack Wrestling Association - State of UnionKerry McCoy, Nate Jackson
7/30/212:00 PM2:50 PMAll AttendeesUSMC Marine KeynoteUnited States Marine Corps
7/30/213:00 PM4:50 PMAll AttendeesOverview of the landscape for girls and women's wrestlingD1 Women's Wrestling and the USA Wrestling Girls High School Development Committee co-chairs?
7/30/213:00 PM4:50 PMAll Attendees - BYou Make the Call - Interactive Session on Tough CallsTim Shiels
7/30/215:00 PM5:50 PMAll Attendees - AState of UnionMike Moyer