How to Achieve Total Transformation

During the past two years, NWCA Senior Director Pat Tocci has lost over 75 pounds while running 6 half-marathons and 2 marathons.
The crazy thing is that Pat could only run two blocks when he started.  And he made all kinds of excuses why he couldn’t get results.

Then just like that…he made a decision and changed EVERYTHING!  But he had to earn the transformation over time.  In this episode, we talk about this while touching on the following topics.Pat Tocci

  • Turning point for transformation
  • The power of progression in change
  •  Being accountable to your goals
  • Facing fears to get results
  • 3 tips to live an AWESOME life

This episode is all about helping you break through mental barriers so you can get results in your life.  Focus on earning transformation so you can create a life you absolutely love!

If you enjoy the episode, please head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of the Make Your Mark book!  Also, share it with others so we can help them reach their full potential and make the world a MUCH cooler place!

Listen to the podcast here:

5 Lessons to Transform Life
1:50     Turning point for transformation
6:40     Power of progression in change
12:24   Be accountable to your goals
19:17   Facing fears to get results
34:14   3 tips to live an AWESOME life


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