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2020 Collegiate Team Scholar All-American Awards

1Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University3.397Top 15NAIA Men
2MSU-Northern3.368Top 15NAIA Men
3Morningside Collegeg3.358Top 15NAIA Men
4Indiana Tech3.348Top 15NAIA Men
5Graceland University3.338Top 15NAIA Men
6Grand View3.310Top 15NAIA Men
7Eastern Oregon University3.291Top 15NAIA Men
8Hastings College3.276Top 15NAIA Men
9Southeastern University3.233Top 15NAIA Men
10Baker University3.214Top 15NAIA Men
11Missouri Baptist University3.213Top 15NAIA Men
12University of the Cumberlands3.199Top 15NAIA Men
13Life University3.154Top 15NAIA Men
14Menlo College3.152Top 15NAIA Men
15University of Saint Mary3.113Top 15NAIA Men
1University of the Cumberlands3.545Top 4NAIA Women
2Life University3.544Top 4NAIA Women
3Menlo College3.486Top 4NAIA Women
4Oklahoma City University3.322Top 4NAIA Women
1Drexel University3.590Top 30NCAA DI Men
2American University3.550Top 30NCAA DI Men
3Harvard University3.496Top 30NCAA DI Men
4Gardner-Webb University3.422Top 30NCAA DI Men
5Utah Valley University3.402Top 30NCAA DI Men
6Stanford University3.386Top 30NCAA DI Men
7Sacred Heart University3.377Top 30NCAA DI Men
8Hofstra University3.369Top 30NCAA DI Men
9George Mason University3.322Top 30NCAA DI Men
10North Dakota State University3.309Top 30NCAA DI Men
11The Citadel3.296Top 30NCAA DI Men
12Franklin & Marshall College3.294Top 30NCAA DI Men
13Bucknell University3.277Top 30NCAA DI Men
14Northwestern University3.276Top 30NCAA DI Men
15Old Dominion University3.251Top 30NCAA DI Men
16North Carolina State University3.250Top 30NCAA DI Men
17Central Michigan University3.240Top 30NCAA DI Men
18Kent State University3.232Top 30NCAA DI Men
19Columbia University3.232Top 30NCAA DI Men
20Princeton University3.229Top 30NCAA DI Men
21Cornell University3.222Top 30NCAA DI Men
22Lock Haven University3.220Top 30NCAA DI Men
23Bloomsburg University3.218Top 30NCAA DI Men
24Duke University3.208Top 30NCAA DI Men
25Brown University3.204Top 30NCAA DI Men
26University of Northern Colorado3.192Top 30NCAA DI Men
27University of Oklahoma3.181Top 30NCAA DI Men
28Purdue University3.163Top 30NCAA DI Men
29Arizona State University3.159Top 30NCAA DI Men
30Cleveland State University3.158Top 30NCAA DI Men
1Maryville University3.695Top 20NCAA DII Men
2University of Indianapolis3.513Top 20NCAA DII Men
3Colorado School of Mines3.384Top 20NCAA DII Men
4Colorado Mesa3.343Top 20NCAA DII Men
5Augustana University3.336Top 20NCAA DII Men
6Mercyhurst University3.334Top 20NCAA DII Men
7Drury University3.334Top 20NCAA DII Men
8University of Nebraska at Kearney3.310Top 20NCAA DII Men
9Fort Hays State University3.303Top 20NCAA DII Men
10Newman University3.269Top 20NCAA DII Men
11Minnesota State University, Mankato3.262Top 20NCAA DII Men
12Northern State University3.261Top 20NCAA DII Men
13Urbana University3.260Top 20NCAA DII Men
14Chadron State College3.222Top 20NCAA DII Men
15Findlay3.189Top 20NCAA DII Men
16Gannon University3.170Top 20NCAA DII Men
17Ashland University3.145Top 20NCAA DII Men
18Seton Hill University3.142Top 20NCAA DII Men
19UW-Parkside3.111Top 20NCAA DII Men
20CSU Pueblo3.083Top 20NCAA DII Men
1Case Western Reserve University3.817Top 25NCAA DIII Men
2Ithaca College3.731Top 25NCAA DIII Men
3Stevens Institute of Technology3.678Top 25NCAA DIII Men
4Washington & Lee University3.674Top 25NCAA DIII Men
5Johns Hopkins3.621Top 25NCAA DIII Men
6Springfield College3.611Top 25NCAA DIII Men
7Wabash College3.587Top 25NCAA DIII Men
8Wesleyan University3.581Top 25NCAA DIII Men
9Augsburg University3.567Top 25NCAA DIII Men
10Baldwin Wallace3.550Top 25NCAA DIII Men
11University of Chicago3.548Top 25NCAA DIII Men
12Williams College3.527Top 25NCAA DIII Men
13Castleton University3.524Top 25NCAA DIII Men
14Muhlenberg College3.523Top 25NCAA DIII Men
15WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)3.516Top 25NCAA DIII Men
16Olivet College3.504Top 25NCAA DIII Men
17Roger Williams University3.493Top 25NCAA DIII Men
18Trine University3.475Top 25NCAA DIII Men
19Heidelberg University3.469Top 25NCAA DIII Men
20New York University3.465Top 25NCAA DIII Men
21York College of Pennsylvania3.459Top 25NCAA DIII Men
22Johnson & Wales University3.457Top 25NCAA DIII Men
23Ohio Northern University3.453Top 25NCAA DIII Men
24Southern Virginia University3.448Top 25NCAA DIII Men
25UW Eau Claire3.440Top 25NCAA DIII Men
1Adrian College3.645Top 6NCAA Women
2King University3.383Top 6NCAA Women
3Colorado Mesa University3.406Top 6NCAA Women
4Gannon University3.329Top 6NCAA Women
5Lindenwood University3.279Top 6NCAA Women
6Augsburg University3.060Top 6NCAA Women