How the Best Teams Keep Filling Their Roster Every Year

One thing that comes up with wrestling coaches time and time again is how frustrating it can be to get a sustainable flow of athletes on your roster every year.  We either have trouble getting enough kids or we have trouble getting the “right” kids… any way you slice it, one struggle we all have is figuring out a dependable, repeatable system for getting great, engaged kids coming up into our programs.

When you’re focused on developing your program it can be so disheartening to feel held back just by the fact that you need more kids or the kids you have just aren’t committed. No one ever prepared me for this as a coach.

So what do we do? We try this tactic or that tactic… some help a little, some seem like a waste of time… OR even worse yet we just get frustrated. We blame the community we coach in, the parents, the kids, society… Either way none of that gets results…

Here’s the bottom line I’ve come to believe: it’s not about the tactics.

What has actually gotten me results is when I stepped back and took the time to understand why kids join teams and why they stay.

It helped massively – the last few years we’ve had more kids at all levels of our program than ever before.

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Peter Jacobson
Head Coach
Edgemont Wrestling
Twitter: @EmontWrestling

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