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NWCA Scholastic Coaches Resource Manual


By: Dave Crowell & Dave Caslow

The NWCA, through a collaborative effort with nationally renowned high school coaches Dave Crowell (Nazareth, PA) and Dave Caslow (Philipsburg, PA), has developed the ultimate resource guide for the junior high or high school coach. With over 50 years of coaching experience and over 750 combined wins, the two legends have designed the resource to serve as a “standard code of operating procedure” for junior high and high school wrestling programs.

All of the information needed to execute an administrative task is organized neatly in one of the 11 chapters. This manual should never be complete. As new ideas or initiatives are implemented into your program, you simply add more chapters. There is no better gift that a head coach could provide to an assistant coach to help them develop their skill sets. All of the materials are either in hard copy form in the notebook and/or can be downloaded from a secured area of the website. For example, there is one chapter dedicated to organizing a summer camp. All of the materials needed to conduct a camp are included in the manual (e.g., insurance, sample brochure, schedule of events, etc.). All you have to do is customize the materials to meet your unique needs.

Chapter 01: Coach as the Leader

Chapter 02: Organizing and evaluating your coaching staff

Chapter 03: Educationally based athletics

Chapter 04: Recruiting and motivating wrestlers

Chapter 05: Public and community relations

Chapter 06: Working with parents

Chapter 07: Facilities and equipment

Chapter 08: Practice plans

Chapter 09: Developing feeder wrestling programs

Chapter 10: Booster clubs/fundraising

Chapter 11: Off season training

In addition to helping to keep the head coach organized, the manual also makes it much easier to delegate duties to assistant coaches and/or volunteers. All of the materials needed to execute a specific task are in one place. This is a very efficient way for a head coach to mentor an assistant coach. Ultimately, this tool can help in a transition when the head coach retires and a new coach is hired.



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