Why Continued Education is Mandatory for Coaches in Today’s Climate

by Katherine Shai, LuchaFit Founder

Article originally posted on LuchaFit.com  https://www.luchafit.com/blog/nwca-continued-education-for-coaches

Over the past twenty years, college wrestling programs across the US have been drastically cut. An unforeseen result of the loss of these programs was the loss of growth in the new coaches arena. As programs are beginning to expand once again, and exponentially in the women’s sector, there is a shortage of wrestling coaches available for these opportunities. Enter the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA). Their goal is to ensure opportunities in wrestling for future generations by bringing the wrestling community together. Through their leadership academy, they have developed coaching and training opportunities for both male and female coaches. The ever growing responsibilities of a modern day wrestling coach has created a need for the tools provided by the NWCA. Here are a few reasons this kind of opportunity is essential:

Why it’s important

The engagement and importance of a “CEO” style coach is becoming necessary in today’s college programs. However, not everyone innately possesses these skills. Most learn from mentors or from external resources, which teach them how to become the best all-around coach they can. Learning through resources on your own is time-consuming, and not everyone may have the means to contact the right mentor. It is essential to take advantage of workshop-like opportunities to further a coach’s arsenal of capabilities.


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