Maryville repeats as Division II All-Academic Team Champion; 212 total student-athletes earn All-Academic honors

Manheim, PA – The Maryville Saints reigned atop the academic world of NCAA Division II Wrestling, repeating as team champions and leading with 15 honored individuals in the 2019 National Wrestling Coaches Association Division II All-Academic team and individual rankings, released Tuesday.

The Saints topped the team rankings for the second year running with a GPA of 3.5558, with LIU-Post taking runner up honors with a 3.4283. Colorado School of Mines (3.4280), Indianapolis (3.3414) and Newman (3.2931) rounded out the top five.

“It is really important that we honor those in our sport who are truly being student-athletes,” Maryville Head Coach Mike Denney said. “I am really appreciative that we can honor that, and we are proud of our guys who are doing well academically. We try to honor our All-Academic on the same levels as our All-Americans, that’s how important the student-athlete is to our program.”

Those ranked individually included 212 student-athletes from 41 institutions. Two National Champions also earned All-Academic honors, with 157 pound champion Matt Malcom from Nebraska-Kearney and 174 pound title winner Connor Craig of Wheeling Jesuit among those 212 honorees. A total of 30 student-athletes who earned All-American honors at the 2019 NCAA Division II Wrestling Championships earned All-Academic honors as well.

Maryville led the way individually with 15 wrestlers honored, while Upper Iowa placed 12 student-athletes on the All-Academic listing. Colorado School of Mines, Indianapolis, St. Cloud State and Nebraska-Kearney all had 11 student-athletes honored. Super Region 5 led the way with 50 individuals honored, while 44 student-athletes from Super Region 4 received All-Academic accolades.

In order for a student-athlete to be nominated to the Division II All-Academic Team, he must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale, with that benchmark at 3.25 for those who qualified for the 2019 NCAA Division II Wrestling Championships and 3.0 for those who earned All-American status for the 2019 season. The athlete must also have competed in a minimum of six dates of competition.

Five student-athletes earned All-Academic honors for the fourth time in their career: Issac Deaton (Nebraska-Kearney), Tyler Mies (Newman), Cody Nelson (Upper Iowa), Allan Person (Central Missouri), and Brett Velasquez (St. Cloud State).


Maryville University13.5558
LIU Post23.4283
Colorado School of Mines33.428
University of Indianapolis43.3414
Newman University53.2931
Urbana University63.2766
Ashland University83.2455
Lake Erie103.2095
Drury Wrestling113.1889
St Cloud State123.1868
Chadron State133.1817
University of Mary143.1785
Colorado Mesa153.1634
Northern State University163.1612
University of Nebraska at Kearney173.1084
Seton Hill183.0899
West Liberty University193.0606
Central Missouri203.0378





NWCA DII Scholar All-Americans

Fenner, JerryAshland UniversitySr141Sports Management
Morell, Dan AnthonyAshland UniversitySr125Supply Chain Management
Price, Christian HarlanAshland UniversityRJr174Entrepreneurship & Business Management
Romanzak, Bret StevenAshland UniversityRJr165Business Management
Hale, CorbinBellarmine UniversityFr149Exercise Science
Lucas, BrandonBellarmine UniversityFr125Accounting
McCorkle, JoshBellarmine UniversitySo285Music
Gregor, TroyBelmont Abbey CollegeRSr141Business Management
Hampton, DominiqueCentral MissouriRSo184Digital Media
Person, AllanCentral MissouriSr174Masters Degree in Engineering
Haskell, CalebChadron StateJr149Business
Kile, BrandonChadron StateJr133Business Mgmt
Westcott, CollierChadron StateJr184Sports and Recreation Mgmt
Bracken, LovellColorado MesaFr133BA in Psychology
Donald, NegusColorado MesaJr174BA in Kinesiology
Jason, BuhrColorado MesaRSr165BS in Exercise Science
Erickson, LukasColorado School of MinesSr141Mechanical Engineering
Fidel, RyanColorado School of MinesSo157Mechanical Engineering
Gambrell, RobertColorado School of MinesJr174Mechanical Engineering
Lavengood, MatthewColorado School of MinesRJr125Mechanical Engineering
Lykins, SkylerColorado School of MinesSo157Petroleum Engineering
Ottum, NoahColorado School of MinesSo149Engineering Physics
Saunders, BrandonColorado School of MinesSr285MS Mechancial Engineering
Shelton, TrentonColorado School of MinesJr184Petroleum Engineering
Stogdill, JakeColorado School of MinesRSo125Civil Engineering
Ventura, ConnorColorado School of MinesJr184Electrical Engineering
Woods, JacobColorado School of MinesJr133Civil Engineering
Brumfield, D’andreCSU PuebloJr133Business Management
Diggs, IsaiahCSU PuebloJr157Engineering
Seaton, JosiahCSU PuebloRSr125Accounting
Caswell, TuckerDrury UniversityFr149Business Administration
Clines, TrentonDrury UniversityJr174Finance
Curnutt, CodyDrury UniversityJr285Bachelor of Science
Hansen, ChrisDrury UniversityRFr133Exercise Physiology
Harper, ColinDrury UniversityJr149Organizational and Leadership Communication
Melton, BenDrury UniversitySr285Secondary Education
Raccioppi, MichaelEast Stroudsburg UniversityRJr174Health & Physical Education
Flint, DaltonEmmanuel CollegeSo149History Education
Ball, BrandonFort Hays State UniversityJr141Technology Studies
Ball, JonathanFort Hays State UniversitySo149Finance
Luellen, IsaiahFort Hays State UniversityFr165Spanish
Robinson, MicquilleFort Hays State UniversitySr184Construction Management
Scantlin, AnthonyFort Hays State UniversitySo149Technology Studies
Vajnar, ConradFort Hays State UniversitySo157Accounting
Balas, OwenGannon UniversityFr157Pre law
Day, ConnorGannon UniversitySo165PTherapy
Hertel, AustinGannon UniversitySo133Biology
Hutchison, GehrigGannon UniversityFr197Sport Exercise Science
Leise, JoelGannon UniversityRFr184Mech Engineering
Marscio, NicoGannon UniversityFr157CRJ
Mcguire, GeorgeGannon UniversitySr157Accounting, marketing, entreprenuership
Messai, FarisGannon UniversityJr149Accounting/ health mgmt
Swartley, KeithGannon UniversitySo285Sport ex sci
Young, NickGannon UniversityFr141Business Admin
Boggs, NickLake Erie CollegeSr157Criminal Justice
Glogouski, BlakeLake Erie CollegeJr125Sport Management
Glogouski, ForrestLake Erie CollegeSr133MBA
O’Hearon, SeanLake Erie CollegeSo165Marketing
Bland, DanielLimestone CollegeJr285Sports Management
Reggler, RaekwonLimestone CollegeSr197Psychology
Rose, MatthewLimestone CollegeRJr149Business
Green, MarshallLindenwoodJr165Economics and International business
Heil, DerekLindenwoodSr141Biological Sciences Cellular and Mole Chemistry
Hitchcock, TannerLindenwoodFr133Excercise Science
Jacquez, IsaacLindenwoodFr125Criminal Justice Sociology
Jolas, KyleLindenwoodGr165Master’s in Higher Education
Londoff, GavinLindenwoodJr149Business Administration
Calderone, JoeLIU PostGr141Physical Education
DiGennaro, ThomasLIU PostFr197Philosophy
Dushaj, AnthonyLIU PostFr165Adolescent Education: Social Studies
Espineira, DanielLIU PostSo165Business Administration
Langan, JamesLIU PostFr174Criminal Justice
Malico, MarkLIU PostSo197Health Sciences
McClure, DanLIU PostJr184Criminal Justice
Nagosky, TimLIU PostFr285Mathematics
Anderson, JohnMaryville UniversityRSo174Exercise Science
DeWitt, GavinMaryville UniversitySo149Psychology
Harrington, TylerMaryville UniversityJr165Mathematics Education
Jokerst, JeffreyMaryville UniversitySo133Biology
Kelly, BaileyMaryville UniversitySo184Mathematics Education
Kreith, TylerMaryville UniversitySo125Financial Services
McGhee, NickMaryville UniversityJr149Biomedical Science
Pisciotta, AnthonyMaryville UniversityFr125Cyber Security
Pratt, MatthewMaryville UniversityRJr174Communication
Radik, LoganMaryville UniversitySo285Psychology
Sherertz, EthanMaryville UniversitySr197English Education
Stegall, TylerMaryville UniversityFr141Secondary Education
Vasilev, MladenMaryville UniversitySo174Cyber Security
Viehmann, ChristopherMaryville UniversityFr165Exercise Science
Waggoner, AlexMaryville UniversityJr133Exercise Science
Foster, NickMcKendree UniversityJr174Education
Gillissie, ChrisMcKendree UniversityJr165Sociology
Kemper, IsaiahMcKendree UniversitySr149Exercise Science
Povlick, MarcusMcKendree UniversityJr125Math
Grass, LoganMercyhurst UniversityJr165Biology
Robb, JacobMercyhurst UniversitySo285Biology
Sisk, JeffMercyhurst UniversityJr141Intelligence Studies
McGuire, RyanMillersville UniversityFr133Undecided
Wuestner, DavidMillersville UniversitySr285Assessment, Curric. & Teaching, Educational Foundations
Elwood, SethMinnesota StateSr157Sport & Exercise Psychology (GRAD)
Johnston, ZachMinnesota StateJr174Management
Rathman, KyleMinnesota StateSo149Interdisciplinary Studies
Saltou, LoganMinnesota StateJr165Finance
Turriff, TrevorMinnesota StateSo184Interdisciplinary Studies
Hayden, LiamMinot State UniversitySo133Physical Education
Jones, Je-MarioMinot State UniversityFr197Computer Science
Will, JordanMinot State UniversityFr285Accounting/Finance
Clary , ZackNewberry CollegeSo133English
Gant, ZebrandonNewberry CollegeFr184Sociology
Martinez, TimmyNewberry CollegeSr133Criminal Justice
Balavage, IvanNewman UniversityFr184Nursing
Frame, KameronNewman UniversityFr149Accounting
Kissane, KevinNewman UniversityJr141Management
Mies, TylerNewman UniversityRSr157Health Science
Carr, WalkerNorthern State UniversityRSo157Criminal Justice
Coyle, RobertNorthern State UniversityFr133Special Education
Flakus, JakeNorthern State UniversitySo174Science Educaton
Holtan, BillyNorthern State UniversitySo165Environmental Science
Lura, RileyNorthern State UniversitySo184Business
Morton, DayneNorthern State UniversityFr125Human and Health Perfomance
Alessandro, JosephPitt-JohnstownSr141Early Childhood Education
Austin, DevinPitt-JohnstownJr165Pre-Business
Bowlen, NathanSeton Hill UniversityJr184Biology
Ewing, LukeSeton Hill UniversityFr165Education
Fulmer, JohnSeton Hill UniversityFr285History
Greenwald, DamonSeton Hill UniversityJr174Biology
Hoover, SeanSeton Hill UniversitySo165Criminal Justice
Ressler, RyanSeton Hill UniversitySo125Data Analytics
Arredondo, CortezSouthwest Minnisota State UniversitySr157Justice Administration
Beaumaster, ZachSouthwest Minnisota State UniversitySr149Justice Administration
Osing , GriffinSouthwest Minnisota State UniversitySr184Physical Education
Barzowski, JakeSt. Cloud StateRSo157Technology Management
Bianchini, JosephSt. Cloud StateFr141General Business
Clark, LukeSt. Cloud StateFr174General Studies
Eischens, KoltonSt. Cloud StateJr174Technology Management
Fitzpatrick, DevinSt. Cloud StateSo165Marketing
Giulio, BooneSt. Cloud StateFr157Criminal Justice
Helmick, ChanceSt. Cloud StateSr184Finance
Phillips, MasonSt. Cloud StateFr149Marketing
Swanson, TravisSt. Cloud StateSr141Mechanical Engineering
Velasquez, BrettSt. Cloud StateSr125Biomedical Sciences
Vos, GarrettSt. Cloud StateFr133Criminal Justice
Carter, ChaseTiffin UniversityGr285Criminal Justice
LaVearn, BryanTiffin UniversityJr157Homeland Security/Terrorism
Penzone, GiuseppeTiffin UniversitySr125Management
Daggett, NicholasUNC PembrokeJr125Biology
Davenport, AdrianUNC PembrokeJr141Computer Science
Makosy, TylerUNC PembrokeSr157Exercise and Sport Science
Pietro, RonaldUNC PembrokeFr133Business Administration
Shepard, RodneyUNC PembrokeSr165Business Management and Administration
Strickland, HunterUNC PembrokeFr184Applied Physics
Abduljelil, AnaUniversity of IndianapolisRSo133Exercise Science Pre-PT
Barkovich, KyleUniversity of IndianapolisJr149Nursing
Brady, NickUniversity of IndianapolisSo125Exercise Science Pre-AT
Conner, BrodyUniversity of IndianapolisJr184Finance / MBA
Fry, ZachUniversity of IndianapolisSo174Operations & Supply Chain Mgt
Hurst, DillonUniversity of IndianapolisSr141Exercise Science Pre-AT
Lange, HeathUniversity of IndianapolisSr157Finance
Manspeaker, TraceUniversity of IndianapolisSo149Operations & Supply Chain Mgt
McKinney, MattUniversity of IndianapolisJr141Finance / MBA
Wagner, BrianUniversity of IndianapolisSr197Exercise Science Pre-PT
Waters, J.D.University of IndianapolisSr157Exercise Science Pre-PT
Alvarado, LuisUniversity of MaryFr157Construction Management
Barnhardt, TateUniversity of MarySr133Biology
Huff, NoahUniversity of MarySr149Athletic Training
Humann, NathanUniversity of MaryGr125Physical Education & Athletic Administration
Jaime, GerardoUniversity of MarySo285Sport and Leisure Management
Mahoney, LoganUniversity of MarySo141Engineering Science
Stottler, Ryan (Grad)University of MarySr197Clinical Exercise Physiology
Weisbrod, JoshuaUniversity of MaryFr141Biology
Deaton, IsaacUniversity of Nebraska at KearneySr184Construction Management
Demos, AndrewUniversity of Nebraska at KearneySo197History Education
GarrawayUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyFr165Biology
Johnson, WalkerUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyJr165Physics
Killingsworth, JonathanUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyJr141Sports Management
Lambert, MichaelUniversity of Nebraska at KearneySr184Psychology
Malcom, MattUniversity of Nebraska at KearneySo157Elementary Education
Ochs, CalvinUniversity of Nebraska at KearneySr165Business Finance
Portillo, JoshUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyRSo125Health and Physical Education
Rader, JamesUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyJr133Sports Management
Stodden, ZachUniversity of Nebraska at KearneySr174Elementary Education
Baumler, JordanUpper Iowa UniversityFr285Accounting
Baumler, NickUpper Iowa UniversityJr197Accounting
Black, TuckerUpper Iowa UniversitySr165Agriculture Business
Gehling, JamieUpper Iowa UniversityJr184Master’s of Business Administration
Maloy, AaronUpper Iowa UniversitySo285Business Administration
Manderfeld, ConnorUpper Iowa UniversityFr141Business Administration
Murty, TateUpper Iowa UniversityFr149Exercise Sports Studies
Nelson, CodyUpper Iowa UniversitySr165Education
Nelson, DaltonUpper Iowa UniversitySo184Conservation Management
Prochaska, TannerUpper Iowa UniversitySo157Psychology
Schmit, DonnyUpper Iowa UniversityFr133Agriculture Business
Spotts, MacUpper Iowa UniversitySo157Agriculture Business
Ford, JaredUrbana UniversityFr141Exercise Science
Houser, ColeUrbana UniversityFr157Education
Lehman, JamesUW-ParksideRSr184Criminal Justice
Price, ConnorUW-ParksideSr174Communication
Cornell, JoshWest Liberty UniversitySr157Education
Ramsey, JacobWest Liberty UniversitySo165Business
Duncan, ColbyWestern Colorado UniversityRSo133Exercise and Sport Science
Robb, ChristianWestern Colorado UniversityFr285Computer Science
Schmidt, KonnorWestern Colorado UniversityJr184Business Administration
Slaughter, JasonWestern Colorado UniversityJr157Elementary Education
Supernaw, BrandonWestern Colorado UniversitySr174Chemistry
Thelen, MichaelWestern Colorado UniversitySo174Business Administration
Craig, ConnorWheeling Jesuit UniversitySo174Accounting
Donahue, JaredWheeling Jesuit UniversitySo141Biology
Laya, ColeWheeling Jesuit UniversityFr125Nursing
McMurdy, CaleWheeling Jesuit UniversityFr157Engineering
Miller, BlakeWheeling Jesuit UniversityFr157History
Rastigue, DavisWheeling Jesuit UniversitySo141Finance
Tenney, BrandonWheeling Jesuit UniversityJr141Communications
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