NWCA All-Star Classic 2017

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November 5, 2017 Princeton University Jadwin Gym

Collegiate wrestling’s finest are coming Princeton in 2017. This is your chance to see the top-ranked wrestlers kick off their season. The participants are selected in October and each wrestler will be announced as they commit to the event.



Event Schedule: November 5, 2017 Princeton University, Jadwin Gym Jadwin Gym
Ticket Information:
General Admission$20

Group Discounts

Group sales of 26-50 tickets will be charged $15.00 per ticket. A Group Sale of more than 50 tickets will be charged $12.50 per ticket.

Jadwin Gymnasium
Princeton, NJ 08540


Parking for Jadwin Gymnasium is available in Lot 21, which is accessible from Faculty Rd. and Fitzrandolph Rd.

Men's Line Up

125:  Darian Cruz, Sr. (Lehigh) vs. Nick Piccininni, So. (Oklahoma State) Press Release

133:  Seth Gross, Jr. (South Dakota State) vs. Stevan Micic, So. (Michigan) Press Release

141: Kevin Jack, Sr. (NC State) vs. Bryce Meredith, Sr. (Wyoming) Press Release

149:  Matt Kolodzik, So. (Princeton) vs. Max Thomsen, So. (Northern Iowa) Press Release

157: B.J. Clagon, Sr. (Rider) vs. Alec Pantaleo, Jr. (Michigan) Press Release

165:  Chad Walsh, Sr. (Rider) vs. Jonathan Schleifer, Sr. (Princeton) Press Release

174:  Mark Hall, So. (Penn State) vs. Zahid Valencia, So. (Arizona State) Press Release

184:  Drew Foster, Jr. (Northern Iowa) vs Pete Renda, Sr. (NC State) Press Release

197:  Frank Mattiace, Sr. (Penn) vs. Michael Macchiavello, Sr. (NC State)

285: Tanner Hall, Jr. (Arizona State) vs. Nick Nevills, So. (Penn State) Press Release

Women's Lineup

101: Hiba Salem, Jr. (Menlo) vs. Marina Doi, Sr. (King) Press Release

109: Maria Vidales, So. (Emmanuel) vs. Charlotte Fowler, So. (Campbellsville)  Press Release

116: Victoria Gutierrez, So. (Emmanuel College) vs Makayla Bourbon, Sr. (University of the Cumberlands)

123: Dom Parrish, Jr. (Simon Fraser) vs Amber Pair, So. (Eastern Oregon)

130: Megan Black, Sr. (McKendree) vs Shelby Hall, Sr. (Campbellsville) Press Release

136: Kayla Miracle, Sr. (Campbellsville) vs Solin Piearcy, So. (Menlo College) Press Release

143: Mallory Velte, Sr. (Simon Fraser) vs Desiree Zavala, So. (Grays Harbor) Press Release

155:Niauni Hill, Sr. (Lindenwood-Belleville) vs. Kiera Gabaldon, Jr. (Warner Pacific) Press Release

170: Brandy Lowe, Sr. (McKendree) vs, Kacie Moorehouse (Grays Harbor)

191: Paige Baynes, Jr. (Grays Harbor) vs. Alyssa Cantu, Sr. (Missouri Valley) Press Release

Final Results

165      Gordon Wolf (Lehigh) won by major decision over May Bethea (Penn) (Maj 17-9)
285      Youssif Hemida (Maryland) won by decision over Garrett Ryan (Columbia) (Dec 3-2)

101      Marina Doi (King) won by fall over Hiba Salem (Menlo) (Fall 1:51)
109      Charlotte Fowler (Campbellsville) won by tech fall over Maria Vidales (Emmanuel) (TF 14-3)
116      Victoria Gutierrez (Emmanuel) won by tech fall over Makayla Bourbon (University of the Cumberlands) (TF 12-0)
123      Dom Parrish (Simon Fraser) won by tech fall over Amber Pair (Eastern Oregon) (TF 10-0)
130      Megan Black (McKendree) won by decision over Shelby Hall (Campbellsville) (Dec 6-0)
136      Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville) won by tech fall over Solin Piearcy (Menlo) (TF 10-0)
143      Mallory Velte (Simon Fraser) won by tech fall over Desiree Zavala (Grays Harbor) (TF 10-0)
155      Niauni Hill (Lindenwood-Belleville) won by decision over Kiera Gabaldon (Warner Pacific) (Dec 7-0)
170      Brandy Lowe (McKendree) won by decision over Kacie Moorehouse (Grays Harbor) (Dec 7-0)
191      Paige Baynes (Grays Harbor) won by tech fall over Alyssa Cantu (Missouri Valley) (TF 10-0)
125      Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) won by decision over Darian Cruz (Lehigh) (Dec 8-5)
133      Seth Gross (South Dakota State) won by decision over Stevan Micic (Michigan) (Dec 7-1)
141      Kevin Jack (NC State) won by decision over Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) (Dec 8-7)
149      Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton) (Dec 4-3)
157      B.J. Clagon (Rider) won by decision over Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) (Dec 10-4)
165      Chad Walsh (Rider) won by decision over Jonathan Schleifer (Princeton) (Dec 4-3)
174      Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) won by decision over Mark Hall (Penn State) (Dec 3-2)
184      Pete Renda (NC State) won by decision over Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) (Dec 5-2)
197      Michael Macchiavello (NC State) won by decision over Frank Mattiace (Penn State) (Dec 3-2)
285      Nick Nevills (Penn State) won by decision over Tanner Hall (Arizona State) (Dec 2-0)

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