NWCA Div I National Duals 2017

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February 17 - 21, 2017 Non-Big Ten Schools NWCA Event Program





Event Schedule: February 17 - 21, 2017 NWCA DI Duals Program NWCA Event Program

Friday, February 17, 2017

11:00 pmPurdue 20, #17 South Dakota State 19 (criteria 2)
11:00 pm#11 Lehigh 23, #12 Rutgers 10
11:00 pm#7 NC State 23, #16 Michigan 15

Saturday, February 18, 2017

11:00 pm#3 Iowa 28 at #23 Edinboro 9

Sunday, February 19, 2017

5:00 pm#4 Ohio State 18 at #8 Cornell 19
7:00 pmIndiana 21 at #20 Appalachian State 12
8:00 pm#2 Penn State 27 at #1 Oklahoma State 13
10:30 pm#6 Nebraska 15 at #5 Virginia Tech 22
Ticket Information:
Oklahoma StateAll Seating: $10
EdinboroReserved Seating: $25
EdinboroAdult: $10
EdinboroStudent: $5
AppalachianAdult: $10
AppalachianStudent: $5
Virginia TechAdult: $10
Virginia TechStudent: $10
CornellAdult: $12
CornellStudent: $8
CornellSeniors: $10
CornellReserved Seating: $15

Participating Schools

ACC: North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Pittsburgh

Big 12: Iowa State, North Dakota State, Northern Colorado, Oklahoma State, South Dakota State, Utah Valley

EIWA (Patriot): Bucknell, Franklin & Marshall, Hofstra, Lehigh, Sacred Heart

EIWA (IVY): Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Harvard, Penn

MAC: Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Missouri, Northern Illinois, Northern Iowa, Ohio

PAC 12: Will not be competing

Big Ten: Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Rutgers

SOCON: Appalachian State, Campbell, Gardner-Webb, Chattanooga, SIU-Edwardsville

EWL: Bloomsburg, Clarion, Edinboro, George Mason, Rider

Event Format

The champions of each of the  Non-BigTen Division I Conferences (Pac-12 will not participate) will host a top ranked BigTen Opponent. The committee has the ability to add up to two wild card teams if necessary. In addition, the EIWA will be split between the Patriot and Ivy League conference.

This format was developed in 2015, through a series of conference calls among our top Division I wrestling coaches for the purpose of making further modifications to the Division I National Duals format so that the following “guiding principles” could be achieved:

The guiding principles of the Bowl Championship Series are as follows:

  • Place more importance on dual meets (conference dual meets in particular) in an effort to grow our fan and media base.
  • Minimize the amount of competition toward the end of the season (the Bowl Series concept results in all participating teams having one dual meet on the Feb. 20 weekend).
  • Create another signature event to elevate wrestling’s relevance.
  • Secure “live” national broadcasts and webcasts whenever possible.
  • Generate revenue that can be used to strengthen wrestling at each institution and nationally.
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TEAM SELECTION AND SITE LOCATION: Will be determined by Sunday, February 12

Guiding Principles:

  • The top two “Non-Big Ten”’ Schools will be selected based on the “NWCA Final Coaches Poll Ranking.” The Division I Leadership Group (Selection Committee) reserves the right to modify this if it feels that there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Best efforts will be made to avoid having teams paired that have met each other earlier during the season.
  • If a conference team champion declines to host, the next highest ranked conference team will serve as host.
  • The PAC-12 will not participate due to the time frame being one week before the conference tournament.
  • All conferences will establish a tie breaker process that will be published and used by the Selection Committee in determining the participating teams.
  • The top two ranked BigTen teams would be paired with host schools according to the process approved by the NWCA DI Leadership Committee.  The highest ranked BigTen team will be paired with the highest ranked “non BigTen” team, etc.
  • The teams comprising the remaining 6 Bowls will be assigned based on regionalization.
  • The NWCA DI Leadership Group (Selection Committee) will have the final approval on the team pairing of the remaining 6 Bowls.
  • The IVY League and Patriot League will each receive a bid
  • The committee reserves the right to add up two additional wildcard match-ups if the teams are ranked in the top 5 but do not otherwise qualify to make the field.