NWCA announces Defense Soap partnership

Manheim, PA – The National Wrestling Coaches Association is announcing a terrific new multi-year partnership with Defense Soap® to fight skin infection and raise awareness through the dissemination of educational content via blogs and materials available on the NWCA website.  To heighten the awareness, Defense soap will be a presenting sponsor of the Multi-Divisional National Duals scheduled for January 4/5, 2019 in Louisville, KY.

“Skin infection is typically the third most reported injury in wrestling but of the top three most common injuries, it is the easiest to prevent with some simple protocol.  Defense Soap has a “tried & proven” line of EPA and FDA Registered products uniquely designed to kill bacterial, viral, and fungal organisms on wrestling mats, skin, and apparel,” said Mike Moyer, executive director of the NWCA.

“Defense Soap is excited for the opportunity to work with the NWCA in educating the wrestling community on hygiene and creating a viable and sustainable protocol for the safety of our athletes. We are a company that prides itself on its roots in wrestling and will continue to provide support and education on hygiene for wrestlers.”

About National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA):

The National Wrestling Coaches Association, established in 1928, is a non-profit organization for the advancement of all levels of the sport of wrestling with a primary emphasis on developing coaches who work in academic environments.   The membership embraces all people interested in amateur wrestling.  The three core competencies of the NWCA are: coaching development, student-athlete welfare, and the promotion of wrestling.

About Defense Soap:

Today Defense Soap is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of natural soaps containing clinically proven ingredients known to clean skin infections. Their beginnings are humble. Wrestlers themselves, they began by taking a personal interest in protecting their youth wrestling teams from mat grime and skin funk.

They discovered that the best way to defend against harmful microbes was to maintain healthy levels of beneficial skin bacteria. They incorporated these ingredients into high-quality bars of soap, shower gels, and body wipes. That simple concept has developed into a commercial enterprise that now reaches more than 250,000 athletes and coaches across the world.

Defense Soap also provides educational and clinical information that support total immunological health through nutrition, good hygiene, and natural preventatives.


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