NWCA Announces the 2022 Division I Scholar All-America Awards

Manheim, PA – On Friday, the NWCA announced the full slate of 2021-2022 Scholar All-America Team and Individual honorees for Division I with awards going to 289 individuals representing 74 institutions.

2022 Division I Individual Scholar All-Americans

“On behalf of the NWCA Board of Directors, It is my honor to recognize these exceptional athletes and teams,” NWCA Executive Director Mike Moyer said. “Wrestling takes much focus and sacrifice and we are proud to honor these wrestlers for their obvious commitment to their academic pursuits!”

In the team race, Long Island University finished atop the field with a 3.626 GPA followed by Hofstra’s 3.575, and the Cleveland State’s 3.553.

For the individual awards, NC State and Wisconsin led the list of honorees with 8 Scholar All-American selections while Rutgers, Ohio St., Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan each had 7 award winners. In all, the Scholar list includes 188 National Qualifiers, 56 All-Americans, 13 National Finalists, and 6 National Champions.


1Long Island University3.626
2Hofstra University3.575
3Cleveland State University3.553
4North Dakota State University3.542
5Campbell University3.484
6Utah Valley University3.472
7South Dakota State University3.465
8Stanford University3.457
9University of Northern Colorado3.454
10Franklin & Marshall College3.441
12George Mason University3.428
13Central Michigan University3.427
14Brown University3.420
15American University3.419
16Sacred Heart University3.418
17Cornell University3.417
18Kent State3.415
19University of Northern Iowa3.406
20North Carolina State University3.402
21Drexel University3.393
22Harvard Universtiy3.379
23Ohio University3.378
24Purdue University3.367
25Duke University3.366
26Northwestern University3.343
27UA Little Rock3.338
28University of Michigan3.333
29Bucknell University3.330
30University of Pennsylvania3.329
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