Post Season Evaluation by Parents (Youth)

Post Season Evaluation by Parents

Program administrators for a youth wrestling program may want to have parents provide feedback on what went well throughout the season and what aspects of the program could be improved.  In addition administrators should ask parents to evaluate themselves in light of the sport parent code of conduct.  This is a good time of the year to get parents to reflect on their approach to youth wrestling and be reminded of the code of conduct as presented by the American Sport Education Program (1).

Have parents use Survey Monkey or any other web-based survey instrument to grade themselves on the following:

1.       Remain in spectator area during matches

2.       Don’t advise the coach on how to coach

3.       Don’t make derogatory comments to coaches, officials, or parents of either team

4.       Don’t drink alcohol at contests or come having drunk too much

5.       Don’t try to coach your child during the contest

6.       Cheer for your child’s team

7.       Show interest, enthusiasm, and support for your child

8.       Be in control of your emotions

9.       Help when asked to do so by coaches or officials

10.   Thank coaches, officials, and other volunteers who conduct the event.

Coaches and administrators can include evaluation questions with regard to the program philosophy, goals and objectives, and program policy and procedures.  Administrators can also submit open-ended questions to gauge what went well and not so well with the youth wrestling program.  And, always query the parents as to what suggestions might make the program function at a higher level.

Check out the NWCA Youth Coaching Manual for more helpful hints on how to conduct parent evaluation.

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1.       American Sport Education Program (1994). SportParent. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Dennis A. Johnson, EdD

Associate Professor-Jamestown Community College (SUNY)
Former Wrestling Coach & Author of Wrestling Drills for the Mat and Mind

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