Southeast CC (NE) to add NJCAA Men’s & Women’s Programs

Courtesy of Southeast Athletics – Link

Southeast CC Athletics Director Brett Bright has announced that the school will add 14 sports programs starting in 2023. “We’re excited about going from 10 to 24 sports and increasing our student participation from 160, to close to 400.”  Bright added, “We’re looking at new sports for Beatrice Campus such as men’s and women’s wrestling, women’s golf, men’s and women’s rodeo…and looking at, of course, always improving our facilities here. We’re looking at moving volleyball from here, over to our Milford Campus…and then at our Lincoln Campus, we’ll have men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s track, cross country and possibly men’s and women’s tennis, as well.”

Bright says the additional sports will be spread out across the SCC campuses. “We’re already looking at facility improvement at our Lincoln Campus. We’re just renovating the area around the gymnasium so we’re looking to add locker rooms and things of that nature, on that campus. Basically, the facilities we already have in Beatrice and Milford will take care of what facilities we need for start-up. Of course, we’ll always do some renovations in locker rooms and things like that, because different athletics need different types of accommodations. The facilities we have right now will basically be able to house what athletics we have, other than tennis and track… in which we’ll have to go and outsource some type of facility there.”

Southeast CC Athletics also has long range plans for the future. Those plans include Baseball and Softball complexes on the Beatrice campus.

The new sports include: Men’s and Women’s Wrestling, Men’s Volleyball, Trapshooting, Men’s and Women’s Rodeo, Women’s Golf, Men’s and Women’s Track, E-Sports, and Men’s and Women’s Tennis.

Prospective athletes who are interested in participating need to fill out an Athletic Prospect Form at www. Here’s a VIDEO that shows how to navigate the website and complete the Athletic Prospect Form.

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